How To Unblock A Phone Number On A Landline 2022: Top Full Guide

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If you have a landline phone and want to know how to unblock a phone number, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to unblock a phone number on a landline in just a few simple steps.

Why Do People Block  Calls On Their Landline Phones?

Why Do People Block  Calls On Their Landline Phones

There are many reasons why you might want to block certain phone numbers from your landline. For example, you may be receiving unsolicited calls from strangers, salesmen, and other people you don’t want to talk to. You should inform the authorities. You can add their phone numbers to a blocked list, and they will be notified when they call. This happens every time the digits call your phone number.

The call blocking feature makes your life much easier and is a wonderful addition to both modern smartphones and land phones. Modern landlines eliminate the need to end calls manually and don’t bother you with annoying ringing sounds.

Turn Off Call Blocking On Per-call

Turn Off Call Blocking On Per-call

This temporary method will allow you to unblock your number prior to every call. This will prevent the person who has the number from calling you back.

Step 1

First, dial *82 from your phone. This is the universal code that you can use to deblock a number if you have a per-call blocking service from your telecom provider.

Step 2

Now dial the number of the person you want to unblock. After you have entered the unblocking code, you can contact your party as normal. Then, he will be able to see your number on his caller ID.

Step 3

You can repeat the process if necessary. The *82 universal code is only temporary and will need to be entered each time you wish to unblock a phone call. You can also choose to display your phone number only to certain people.

Selective blocking can be requested by dialing *67. This will prevent your number from being visible to the person you are speaking with. By simply hanging up, you can unblock your phone.

Permanent Unblocking

This permanent unblocking method is the best and most efficient available today. Contact your telecom provider to permanently unblock any number you wish to keep secret.

Step 1: Get in touch with your service provider.

Step 2: Ask customer service representatives about how to remove per-line blocking from any lines you would like to be recognized by those you call.

Step 3: Ask about the fees associated with terminating a blocking service.

How to Unblock a Suddenlink Home phone number

You may not be aware of all the wonderful features offered by Suddenlink‘s home phone. You may not be aware that Suddenlink offers the ability to block specific phone numbers to stop unwanted calls.

Blocking Random Numbers and Then Unblocking

All you need to do to turn off your blocking feature is to dial *87 from your phone. Keep in mind that you can only block up to 10 numbers at once. If the anonymous number rejection feature has been disabled or activated, you will be notified by a confirmation tone.

Blocking Calls and Then Unblocking

To unlock the number, press * once and then dial the required number. Press * again to continue the process. If you need to remove all blocked numbers from your Suddenlink home telephone, call 08*. In addition, dial 09* to delete private entries.

How to Unblock a Blocked Call on a Panasonic Phone

How to Unblock a Blocked Call on a Panasonic Phone

Customers are delighted by the new function that allows them to block nuisance calls from their Panasonic landline.

You can fix this problem if you own a Panasonic landline telephone.

Step 1

Access your blocked phone number list. Scroll down to the blocked numbers displayed. Once you have found the restricted number, click the Enter key or button to gain access.

Step 2

Scroll down until you reach that blocked number you wish to unblock.

Step 3

Select the number that you wish to unblock. Click the X button to remove the blocked number from your list.

Unblocking a number associated with Panasonic Landline is possible using another method. These are the steps to ensure that you can continue receiving calls from this number without any problems.

Step 1

Tap the menu button first on your Panasonic landline phone. Next, press the # key.

Step 2

To access the blocked number menu on your phone, dial 217 from the keypad.

Step 3

Use the Down Arrows to scroll to the number that you wish to unblock, and then press Enter.

Step 4

Use the erase/delete option to remove a number from your blocked call list. You can confirm or take action by clicking the yes button.

Step 5

Click the OK button

Step 6

To return to this page, you can click on the off button.

How to Unblock a Number on an At&t Phone

How to Unblock a Number on an At&t Phone

AT& T’s call blocking program allows you to prevent certain numbers from calling you. After dialing a unique access number, the user enters the block code using the phone’s keyboard. The same menu is used to unblock the number.

Step 1

Dial the number “*60” to activate the selective call reject system on a touch-tone phone.

Step 2

Use the “*” button to unblock a number.

Step 3

Dial the number that you wish to remove from your phone.

Step 4

Press the “#” key to confirm that you want to unblock your phone number.

How to Unblock a Number on Vtech Landline

How to Unblock a Number on Vtech Landline

Call blocking software prevents telemarketing calls and robocalls from reaching your landline. This is done to protect your daily life.

If you subscribe to a CallerID service, your phone can block calls from up 20 specific phone numbers. This is known as the BLOCK LIST.

This page can be used to locate and unblock the blocked number.

Step 1

Scroll down to the block list and then press.

Step 2

Press Select to select a review

Step 3

Scroll down to locate the number that you wish to unblock.

Step 4

Next, press Delete and select to delete it. The number will now be unlocked permanently.


FAQs about how to unblock a phone number on a landline

1. How do I unblock my number?

How to Unblock/Block Your Cell Phone Number

  • Block Your Number Temporarily Use your phone’s keyboard to dial *67. Enter the number that you wish to call.
  • Permanently Block Your Number Dial *611 to reach your carrier from your cell phone.
  • Temporarily Unblock Your Number Use your phone’s keypad to dial *82

2. How can I remove unknown calls from my landline?

If you have per-line blocking, dial 82 before placing a call. If you wish to make an anonymous call, this will hide your caller ID. To unblock your number, dial 82 again. If you are experiencing selective blocking, dial *67.

3. Can block phones be unblocked

Your phone’s IMEI can be unblocked and removed from the carrier block list. Contact the previous owner to unlock your blacklisted iPhone device.


Here we give you the guide that we are talking about above. It is very useful in some cases. When you have understood, Manymoon hopes it will be easier for you to unblock a phone number on a landline. If you still have any questions, you can ask me directly. If you like this post, share it with your friends. Thank you for reading!

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