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I’ve been so grateful to hear much feedback from our users, who have told me that the content on this blog is helpful and supportive. I want nothing more than to keep it helpful because running a website can be costly, both time-wise and financially. This is the reason I am looking for generous people to sponsor our website. Your donation will be put towards the upkeep and updating of the site, which in turn benefits you as well!

Feel like your articles are stuck in edit mode? You can immediately add a link to one of my existing articles and have it live on the site. Easy and fast, I will ensure it gets indexed as soon as possible by submitting my own page version to Google. 

Here are 2 options:

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With this type of link, you can search through my blog and find the appropriate anchor text to put any specific URLs. Anyone who donates at least $$$ will be able to pick out their own words that they want to be included in your reference form from here on out.

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If you need an article written quickly but don’t have time to prepare the content, we can help with a minor fee. Our writer will contact your agency once finished and offer up some linkable anchor texts that are up for grabs according to your preferences; you’ll find what’s best suited just as easily. 

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I’m excited to get started on developing the blog in its highest quality form. You can trust me because I’ll develop this site long-term, and we agree that the link you have today will be valuable later when there are no longer any opportunities for promotion through these channels or if something changes unexpectedly.

I hope it makes sense, so let’s start working together soon 🙂