Useful Tips On How To Recycle Shredded Paper

These days, people often shred credit card statements, bank statements, bills, and receipts to protect their personal information. On top of that, some people also misuse it for no reason. As a result, more and more shredded papers have appeared recently.

However, have you ever thought of what to do with all those papers?

It does not merely throw them away in the recycling bin. If this way is not good, then how?

Do not worry. You can find some useful tips on how to recycle shredded paper in this article.

Can shredded paper be recycled?

how to recycle shredded paper

When it comes to the way of recycling shredded paper, this problem is always a conundrum. There are several questions about this thing, for example, how to recycle, where to

Technically, it is recyclable. However, in fact, it is harder than you think. Almost recycling facilities do not receive small paper strips as their machines cannot handle these things effectively.

So, why can’t shredded paper be recycled?

Due to its tininess, shredded paper is prone to slip through the paper separator. Also, the potentiality of shredded paper for future use is limited as the size of shredded paper fibers is too small for recyclers to utilize.

In sum, it can be recycled, but you will find it challenging to do that. The best solution is to reduce the amount of shredded paper.

Recycle shredded paper at the mill to make new products

This way is popular in some companies as it saves both time and money effectively.

First, because shredded papers include mixed papers, it is essential to classify them according to the type of paper. To be more specific, let’s separate shredded paper from newspaper grades, cardboard, or office paper for better recycling.

Then, we pack those papers and send them to the mill.

At the mill, papers will be broken down into fibers by pulping machines. Also, these machines remove ink and adhesive on the shredded paper. Then, these paper fibers bond together.

After being rolled and dried, they are sent off to make some new products, such as paper towels, egg cartons or coffee filters. However, it is worth noting that these recycled products have lesser quality than other products due to the quality of the shredded paper.

Make the best use of shredded paper at home

The shredded paper, which was once garbage at your home, will be utilized in one of the ways below.

how to recycle shredded paper

Utilize it as bedding for your pets

The shredded paper is a good source of bedding or nest boxes. If you are raising some animals like chickens and rabbits, or some pets like dogs and cats, you can utilize the shredded paper.

This way not only helps you to save lots of money instead of buying materials for a nest, but it also assists in recycling those papers.

On top of that, you can use it to make a litterbox for your cats. This is really a good idea for those who raise indoor cats as they know how expensive cat litter is, especially if it can deodorize and cleaned easily. Of course, it cannot be a long-term solution, but it helps you to buy less and save more money.

Make an artwork

One of the most creative ways to recycle shredded paper is by creating paper decorations. I am pretty sure that many DIY-ers will support this environmental idea.

Have you ever seen the entire canvas made of only shredded paper? Some people might think it is impossible, but surprisingly, it is.

It is up to you to create your own artwork. There are a lot of creative ways to decorate your house with shredded paper. Find out one and try it!

Use as a fire starter

Have you ever used paper to set a fire? It is frequent for me.

Now, if you do not know how to deal with a bunch of shredded paper, you can utilize them as a fire starter as well as tinder. Just toss them on the stove to keep the fire burning.

This is an excellent way to recycle shredded paper instead of wasting unused paper to make a fire.

Use it for compost

Shredded paper material is beneficial enough to use for fertilizer. Notably, this use is seen as an environmental disposal method that you should think of. It is because the shredded paper has already been small pieces and is easier to break down in the compost pile.

To be more specific, shredded paper can contribute to the fat land, the rapid growth of plants from the root, and so on.

Final words

Can you recycle shredded paper after having read our article? Do you highly praise the useful tips on how to recycle shredded paper in this article? Recycling is not difficult; let’s find the right way that best meets your demands.

If you have any ideas, please comment below to share them with us. Thanks for reading!

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