How to Make A Window Seat Cushion? DIY Instructions

A window seat cushion can help turn a small space into a more versatile room. The cushion also helps to change the area’s character, from the family room to the guest room, and even an occasional reading nook.

This tutorial will show you how to make a window seat cushion that is both comfortable and stylish.

You’ll Need:

  • The foam should be at least 3 inches thick (anything less might not be very comfortable).
  • Choose the fabric you prefer
  • Safety pins large in size
  • Tape measure

Your preferred method for cutting through foam will also be needed. I USED SCISSORS because I didn’t have the time to think it through. It was challenging, though. It would be much easier to use a small hand-saw or an electric knife.

Step 1: Measure The Window Sill

From edge to edge, measure the width of your window’s interior. To ensure that the cushion fits comfortably inside, you need a precise measurement. Measure the depth. I took a quarter-inch off the depth measurement to ensure that the cushion didn’t hang above the sill.

Step 1 Measure The Window Sill

The edge of the window sill would still be visible a little bit because it seemed neater. My sill measures 58 inches wide by 18 inches deep. I, therefore, measured 58 inches by 17 inches.

Step 2: Buy foam And Fabric To Make It Fit

To cut the foam to your desired size, get a roll of foam that is both wider and longer than your window seats. The 24″ by 72-inch foam that I used would work well for most windows. Next, take your measurements and determine how much fabric you will need.

Buy foam And Fabric To Make It Fit

If you use 3″ thick foam like me, the fabric should be at least 6 ins longer than the length of your foam and twice the width. The measurements I had were 58″ x 17″, so I ordered two yards.

Step 3: Trim The Foam To Size

You will need to mark your measurements on the foam. I found it helpful to draw the lines where I was going, as it is challenging to cut foam straight without a guide. Next, use your preferred tool to cut.

Step 4: Wrap Foam Fabric In Fabric And Pin It In Place

Now comes the fun part. Wrap the fabric around the foam-like wrapping gift. Lay the fabric flat on a smooth surface. Next, place the foam in its center. Wrap the bottom side of the fabric around the foam and then pin it to the foam in a straight line.

Wrap Foam Fabric In Fabric And Pin It In Place

Once the bottom is pinned, pull the top taut. It’s helpful to have someone hold the foam, so it’s more secure. Wrap the fabric around the foam until the foam overlaps the fabric you just wrapped. You can trim or fold the excess fabric if it is too long. Pin straight.

Wrap the sides of your cushion by wrapping them. Fold in the shorter sides first, then fold in the top (or bottom down–whichever is more convenient for you). Pin the foam together, pulling taut. Fold the other half in half, and pin it down, pulling tight.

You can repeat the process on the opposite side. Voila! Now you have a completed, no-sew window cushion.

Step 5: Style And Place The Window

Place the cushion, pin-side down, on your window sill. The cushion should fit snugly. You can then style it as you wish. To make it cozier, we added throw pillows to provide back support for when we wanted to be in front of the window.

It is as relaxing as I had imagined. The view from the park is beautiful, and the cat seems very happy. It was a relatively easy project, costing $50 and taking 20 minutes to complete.

Notice: The fabric may become a bit loose after you’re done with it or with time. This is especially true if your cat is an avid bird-watcher. You can undo the top and sides pins and pull tighter to get a better fit if this happens. It’s easy to smoothen the fabric by hand if it’s sitting on the sill.


What thickness should a cushion for a window seat be?

You should have a minimum of 3 inches thickness in your seat cushion. If you plan on sitting sideways or leaning against one wall, you will need to get large pillows.

FAQs How to Make A Window Seat Cushion

How can I make my cushioned seat more comfortable?

To make your cushion more comfortable, replace the cushion padding. If the cushion cover doesn’t have a zipper, you can open the back seam using a seam ripper.

Cut the cotton batting and upholstery foam to fit inside the cushion cover. Spray adhesive lightly on the upholstery foam and then lay the cotton baton over it.

How do you measure fabric to make a cushion for your window seat?

Outdoor Fabric Central explains that you should measure the cushion from the seam at your back to the seam at your front. Double that measurement and add 1 in to cover the top and bottom. Add 1 inch to each end of your cushion, and you will have a 1/2-inch seam allowance.


Making a window seat cushion is a little tricky, but it is easy to do. It only takes a few minutes to make and can be decorated in any way you like. The finished window seat cushion will be ready to use within one day, so why not create one today?

At first, it seemed like the project was too simple. But after I finished the tutorial and made my window seat cushion, Manymoon think it is a great way to start a creative new hobby or an easy project for your bedroom.

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