How To Add A Cushion To A Wooden Chair: Step-by-Step Instructions

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If you have a wooden chair without a cushion, adding one is a great way to make it more comfortable. There are several ways to add a cushion, and the best one for you will depend on the size and shape of your chair. All you need is a cushion, a needle and thread, and a sewing machine (if you have one)

This tutorial will show you how to add a cushion to a wooden chair

Steps In Adding Cushion To Wooden Chair

Market trends often separate plain furniture from cushioned pieces. It is easy to see this distinction in shops and malls. You will find a section reserved for sofas and another for sets of wood- or alloyed furniture.

Steps In Adding Cushion To Wooden Chair

Right now, a popular trend is to bring old, plain, and unutilized household materials back into life. This can be done by redesigning and adding new parts. Here are some steps to attach cushions to a chair made of wood.

Step 1. Pick Up Enough Cushioning And Other Necessary Materials

Before you start the project, make sure you have accurate measurements. It is best to focus your efforts on one chair. This applies only to chairs that come as a complete set, such as a dining set.

Pick Up Enough Cushioning And Other Necessary Materials

Measure the dimensions of your chair using a measuring tool (such as a ruler or tape measure). The dimensions of your chair are the width and length of the seat and the width and size of the sides (apron), and the height of the cushion. You will be sitting on the seat, which is also the surface you use. The cushion’s height will determine how much foam you need.

A cushion can be added to the back of the chair. But that’s for another day. Make sure to measure the chair and then buy cushioning material.

It’s a good idea to have enough to cover any mistakes later. You’ll also need buttons, fabric glue, and tucker.

Step 2. Measure The Cushion Material and then cut it.

Once you have the materials, you are ready to start the job. When cutting the foam, you should use a sharp scissor. It doesn’t matter if the foam isn’t perfectly straight. However, you should not allow your scissor too much to cut the foam so that it cuts shorter than the seat.

Measure The Cushion Material and then cut it.

Also, measure and cut foam to make the chair’s apron. Follow the measurements that you have made, but remember to include the legs of the chair before cutting them. You will get a beautiful-shaped cushion if you cut the foam correctly. Make sure to use the guidelines provided on the foam.

Step 3. Glue The Foam Cushion Into The Chair Surfaces

Apply fabric adhesive to all surfaces you plan on using foam. It is best to use a small amount of adhesive to ensure that the foam does not move when it’s covered later. Spread the glue evenly, making sure that there aren’t any lumps.

Ensure that nobody sits on or touches the chair until the adhesive dries. Too much glue can cause the glue to seep into foam and deform it. A chair that isn’t plump enough would be unacceptable, right?

Step 4. Measure The Fabric To Cover.

You can choose from many different fabrics to make your chair a new one. While leather is the most popular choice, you can use any durable fabric to withstand wear and tear. While you wait for the foam to dry, make sure you have enough fabric.

Measure The Fabric To Cover.

Add the dimensions of your seat and aprons to find the fabric size. Add a few inches to the measurements to have enough fabric for later stapling. If you are only using the seat, the chair will only require one piece of fabric.

Step 5. Cover The Cushions And Tuck Them

Cover the foam with fabric after the glue dries. You can fold it in the corners and staple it to the bottom. You can place the buttons on top of the cushion surface for design.


How can I make a wooden stool more comfortable?

You can increase the comfort of your wooden chair by adding a wedge or placing a footrest. You can improve the comfortability of wooden chairs and reduce your risk of developing back pain by doing so.

Can you add a cushion to a chair?

Place the upholstery foam on a flat, clean surface. Place one of the chairs you took out of the dining room on top of the foam. Use a marker to trace around the foam’s edge. Continue with the foam and other seats.

FAQs How To Add A Cushion To A Wooden Chair

How can you reupholster a solid-wood bench?

Place the bench on its side. Spray adhesive directly on the foam’s bottom side. Spray the seat if the manufacturer recommends spraying both surfaces. Place the foam side down on the bench to align with the seat.

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How can you attach the fabric to wood?

Mod Podge works best for gluing fabric to wood. Mod Podge that is specifically made for fabric, will work just as well as the basic matte Mod Podge. Mod Podge can be applied with a brush and is easy to use.



By adding a cushion to your wooden chair, you can make it more comfortable and add personality to the chair. If you don’t have a cushion and have a wooden chair, add one to your home today. If you have a cushion, enjoy and use it. Don’t forget to add your comments about this article here. Manymoon hopes this guide is helpful for you.

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