Best Portable Massage Chairs – Reviews & Buying Guide

A portable massage chair is a perfect solution for you if you are in the business that deals with massage, it could be your passion to see people pain-free or you could belong to a service industry where you require clients to sit comfortably while you work on them.

Tattoo artists are constantly looking for great quality the best portable massage chairs to make their customers relaxed while they can work in hard-to-reach places.

A portable massage chair is very handy for homes as well. Sometimes all you need is a good thumping massage on the back or a gentle relaxing massage on the strained joints and muscles by a partner.

This chair is simply the answer to all those times.

The Benefits Are So Many:

  • It helps you to sit in the most optimum position for a massage
  • Helps alleviate pain
  • Helps manage chronic pain by reaching delicate body spots
  • Reduces stress and pressure of daily living
  • Provides comfort and calm
  • Helps relax
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Promotes good sleep
  • You don’t even have to remove your clothes as against a massage table
  • It is good for the heart and other vital organs
  • It is portable
  • It can be carried in a bag wherever you choose to take it
  • Space saving
  • You can store it in a closet
  • You can use it on your car seat

With so many benefits that a portable massage chair has, there is no way you are going to miss getting this for yourself or for your loved ones.

Here are the things that you must look for in a portable massage chair before you sign on the dotted lines:

It should be expertly engineered: a perfectly portable massage chair should be engineered keeping in mind the human body and its natural curvature.

  • It must be lightweight
  • It must be portable and easy to carry
  • It must be easy to set up and knockdown
  • It should be comfortable
  • It must be adjustable to accommodate varied weights and height
  • You must be able to set it up just about anywhere
  • Easy to transport
  • It must have a face cradle that is plush and comfortable and that does not block the nose and the mouth
  • It must make no noise
  • It can have heat settings to take care of upper and lower back pain
  • It must be a breeze to clean and maintain.

Here is a quick buying guide in case you are planning on a portable massage chair:

A portable massage chair is much better than a massage table. A massage table may not be portable because anything light in weight may not turn out to be very sturdy to take the body weight.

Take your equipment with you!

For an up-and-coming professional like a massage therapist or a tattoo artist, the right equipment is a sine quo non. The customer’s comfort level is the first thing on your mind when you belong to a service industry that thrives on word of mouth and good recommendations. Therefore you must take the time and effort to choose the right kind of portable massage chair. Here are a few indications:

  • The face cradle: before you commence your job on your client you will need to immobilize them in such a position that they are comfortable and ready for you to begin. A face cradle allows them to cradle their face in such a way that they are able to see on the other end. It should be well padded and made with skin-friendly material so that it does not irritate their face. A comfortable client is going to make a happy one!
  • A lot of padding, yes: preferable to choose a massage chair that has memory foam technology or a lot of padding so that it stays effective for a long time to come.
  • Armrests: ever wondered where to keep your arms on a portable massage chair? The best chairs have it in close proximity to the face cradle; it is the secret to the most comfortable position for them.
  • Leg rests: these are equally important. Comfortably padded leg rest can make or break a massage therapist’s hard work
  • Light in weight
  • Portable and easy to lug around. 
  • Stylish
  • Price: a chair that fits your budget is important because you are only starting out. As you build your practice you could upgrade your equipment too.

Best Portable Massage Chairs Reviews 2024

Master Massage Rio Portable Massage ChairBest Selling Portable Massage Chair


Master Massage Rio Portable...
71 Reviews
Master Massage Rio Portable...
  • Light Weight Yet Strong: The Rio Massage Chair...
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed specifically for...
  • Infinitely Adjustable: Adjustments include face...
  • Easy to Carry and Store: Folds compactly,...
  • High-end Quality: Made by Master Massage, the...

When you set off as a fresh professional, you want to impress the clients with your skill as much as help them get the best service so that you are always on the top of the list when they are considering a massage once again too soon.

It is doubtless that the perfect and the most comfortable equipment goes a long way in making the best first impression.


  • It is a smart and plush model.
  • In spite of its plushness and sturdy look, it is lightweight at only 24 pounds!
  • It has a working capacity of 600 pounds.
  • Made with aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum.
  • Sports fiberglass reinforced nylon parts.
  • Has a padded and plush cushioning system


  • Fresh professionals find the price to be on the higher side.
  • Cushions may not be comfortable for everyone.
  • Not the best of portable massage chair for people over 5 feet 11 inches.

Our Finding:

This easy to carry and compactly foldable massage chair comes with a wheeled carrying case which makes it so easy to transport.

Portable Massage Chairs Tattoo...
1,398 Reviews
Portable Massage Chairs Tattoo...
  • ❤【HEAVY –DUTY METAL FRAME 】: The massage...
  • ❤【HIGH DENSITY FOAM】: Massage Chair is fill...
  • ❤【SIMPLY ASSEMBLY】: This massage chair...

Have you ever wondered how would you manage if you had a call from a client and you had not still figured out how to set up your portable massage chair?

Here is a brilliant one that can be set up without a single tool and in all 3 minutes only!

Yes, you heard it right.


  • Comes in two lovely colors; black and cream
  • Sports a heavy-duty metal frame
  • Lightweight at only 23 pounds
  • The high gloss powder finish
  • Super padded 4 inches of cushion padding
  • Supports 300 to 700 pounds of weight
  • Easy to clean, Water and oil-proofed PU leather
  • Simple assembly. Can set it up for a novice in 3 minutes or less


  • The seat pad may not be comfortable for every client
  • The seat has complaints of minor wobbling
  • A little hassle to fold after you finish
  • The PU can show signs of wearing out if not cleaned after use

Our Finding:

This thoughtful massage chair has oil and water proofing done that extends its service life.

Ataraxia Deluxe Portable Massage ChairBest Value for Money

Ataraxia Deluxe Portable...
  • PORTABLE - The lightweight folding design folds to...
  • CARRY CASE - Includes a premium carrying case with...
  • ADJUSTABLE - Completely solid and noise free steel...
  • VERSATILE - Quickly change settings based on the...

Have you ever wanted to break free of the color code of only using plain solid colors? Here is a breather. The company offers three colors; black, blue, and burgundy.

You already know which one is the most favorite, don’t you?


  • Deluxe model
  • Comes with a premium carry case with a strap
  • Three lovely colors
  • Oil-resistant PU leather upholstery
  • Affordable
  • Completely steel frame; noise-free
  • Quick-release locking system
  • Slip-resistant foot and armrest


  • The seat may wobble from time to time. Can be set right with tightening screws
  • Height adjustability may be an issue for clients taller than 6 feet
  • Carry case is not up to the mark
  • Not water resistant

Our Finding:

The burgundy color is a hot favorite and most popular with clients.

Master Massage Bedford Portable Massage Chair

Top Selling Model (Editor’s Choice)

Master Massage Bedford...
  • 11" width x 14" length x 39" height, chair itself...
  • Exclusive Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam ( Higher...
  • PU Upholstery in Burgundy- with denim-like...
  • Our Exclusive Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam...
  • Aircraft Steel Frame- Lightweight and Tremendously...

This is yet another model that we loved working around with.

The quality of the frame and the cushion is brilliant. For a massage chair that is only 18 pounds can you imagine it being able to take as much as 500 pounds?

Incredible but true!


  • Only 18 pounds in weight
  • Can take 500 pounds of weight
  • Sports multi-level small-cell foam cushions
  • Oil and waterproof
  • Synthetic PU leather cushioning
  • CFC free
  • Nonmarking
  • No rust, no nicks, and no scratches


  • Not comfortable for short people.
  • Carry bag not too comfortable
  • Stitching of the padded cushion may give away too soon
  • There is not much of a difference between normal cushions and this.

Our Finding:

It is made with aircraft grade steel frame and is very light.

Giantex Portable Massage Chair

Best Foldable High Chair for Travel

Giantex Portable Light Weight...
  • 1. The massage chair with compact and foldable...
  • 2. Ergonomic adjustable armrest, seat, chest pad...
  • 3. The simple and modern style of the chair...
  • 4. The PU leather is water and oil resistant,...
  • 5. The portable massage chair frame is constructed...

If you have been looking for something stylish yet clean design that will match the contemporary interior that your business sports, here is the answer.

Look no further!

The compact foldable massage chair is going to get you as many compliments as your massage service itself.


  • Compact and folds very small
  • Bag-shaped carry case
  • Comes with a strap
  • Fits all body types
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Comes in a single color – black only
  • Cannot be folded flat
  • Bulky to carry around

Our Finding:

It is made up of powder coated aluminium frame that extends its service life dramatically.


Why is human massage always better rated than an automatic massage chair?

A massage therapist with a portable massage chair will do a much better job than an automatic massage chair. The reason is that he is trained to perform the massage better. He can see, hear, feel as well as sense the person and also get feedback to fine-tune his massage and the pressure that he is applying.

How long can you get a massage done and how frequently?

A one-hour massage from a trained massage professional three times a week at the maximum is a good idea for rejuvenation.

Can I use a portable massage chair as a recliner?

No! A portable massage chair is only a framework of cushions and padding where the body needs support while massaging. It has a hollow for back support. You must not use it for any recreational purpose except while getting massaged.

Can I fold my massage chair and stow it away in a closet or under the bed?

Yes, the best of portable massage chairs are foldable and come with an easy carry bag. You can store them away in a closet when you are done with them.


Believe us; we have seen scores of portable massage chairs in the last couple of months.

Some of them were average and some of them did impress us. But the one that did is the Master Massage portable chair for massage. Its lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame along with fiberglass-reinforced nylon parts has left us quite impressed.

The cushioning is A1 and the portability and maintainability are yet other attributes that spin the wheel in its favor. From all of us at this desk, we will give it to Master Massage for being the supremely comfortable massage chair that it is with all the positively desired attributes.

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