Best Office Chairs Under $200 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Arguably, most individuals working on white color jobs spend most of their time seated.

Therefore, a luxury seat to help them bear prolonged sitting is essential. Some office chairs can lead to back pains, thus disrupting your working schedule. 

In this review, we discuss the best office chairs under $200. 

office chairs under 200

A detailed review of the top best office chairs under $200 below

ROSMARUS Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair – Best for Back Support

Ergonomic Adjustable Office...
10 Reviews
Ergonomic Adjustable Office...
  • ★ 【ERGONOMIC CHAIR】- Movable double back...
  • ★ 【LUMBAR SUPPORT】- The double high back...
  • ★ 【STRONG CONSTRUCTION】 - The office chair...
  • ★ 【RISK FREE PURCHASE】- Your satisfaction...

The chair’s design gives you the best back support.

The ergonomic Adjustable Office chair has a movable double back support. The chair’s back moves along with your body movement, giving you comfort and support.

Also, the seat has a W-shaped cushion designed to fit your hip curve. As a result, it helps in reducing your weight pressure.

Lumbar support is essential for prolonged sitting sessions. The double high back design in this chair provides ultimate support and comfort for long hours. Such functionality improves your productivity by enabling you to concentrate on your work.

Additionally, this chair has a reclining functionality. The flexible reclining function allows you to adjust the chair to various angles.

Besides, there is a locking system that allows you to maintain the chair at a certain angle that suits you best. The chair can recline from the usual 90 degrees up to 1340 degrees, accommodating all your comfort needs.

Product durability is also vital for long-lasting services. This chair has a robust plastic base, able to support you for a prolonged period. Also, the chair can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight capacity.

Its nylon rolling casters allow you to move around the office space with ease. However, it keeps you steady when maintaining a specific position.


  • It offers double movable back support.
  • It is convenient and supportive.
  • Has a reclining function, thus more relaxing.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It offers spine protection.
  • It has a W-shaped seat cushion fitting to your hip curve.
  • It gives you lumbar support.
  • It can support up to 300 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Has up to 175 degrees reclining function.
  • It can swivel 360 degrees.
  • It has rolling casters for smooth movements.


  • Its armrests are not adjustable.


This chair gives you ultimate comfort due to its W-shaped seat cushion.

SMUGDESK Executive office Chair – Best Soft Backrest & Spine Protection

Smugdesk Ergonomic Mid Back...
  • Rolling mid-back swivel chair ideal for both the...
  • Modern, sleek design with steel cylinder and solid...
  • The 120-degree adjustable backrest perfectly lines...
  • Integrated lumbar cushion offers extra cushioning...
  • Includes a breathable mesh surface, allowing air...

​This chair gives you an optimal sitting experience for a prolonged period.

It is upholstered in a bonded leather material that is long-lasting for extended service provision. Also, it has a high-density mesh, which gives it a breathable function.

The air circulation function in this chair helps maintain the cool temperatures at your back. As a result, it prevents your back from sweating, keeping you more relaxed and fresh.

The chair’s perfect finish gives it a more stylish look. Besides, it has an in-built headrest that keeps your head relaxed. Its smooth padded armrests give you a relaxed working experience.

Additionally, this seat has an in-built coil spring that molds itself according to your body shape. As a result, this functionality helps in reducing body pressure.

The chair has a fantastic seat-side cable-actuated levers function. The levers make the chair easy to customize its setting. The ergonomic tilt function enables you to adjust the chair back and forth for better Convenience.

This seat’s design is of a stable structure, an explosion-proof gas, and a heavy-duty base. Furthermore, it has a 250lbs weight capacity, with a high back for a better backrest.


  • It has a mesh back, which promotes air circulation.
  • It has an in-built headrest for more comfort.
  • It has comfortable, padded armrests.
  • It has an ergonomic tilt function.
  • It has cable actuated levers function.
  • It can support up to 250 lbs weight capacity.
  • Has thick padding on top of your shoulders.
  • Wide range of height adjustments.
  • It has a thick cushion.
  • It has lumbar support.
  • It has rubber wheels; thus no makes no noise.


  • The armrest is not adjustable.


This chair has a built-in coil spring which assists in minimizing muscle fatigue and pressure.

SMUGDESK Ergonomic Computer Office Chair – Best for comfort & Convenience

Smugdesk Ergonomic Mid Back...
  • Rolling mid-back swivel chair ideal for both the...
  • Modern, sleek design with steel cylinder and solid...
  • The 120-degree adjustable backrest perfectly lines...
  • Integrated lumbar cushion offers extra cushioning...
  • Includes a breathable mesh surface, allowing air...

​Designed for relaxation to make your entire body sink into ultimate comfort.

Its design is of a soft back and a contoured lumbar for fantastic back support. Excellent back support helps you avoid back pains when working for long hours. Suck seat backs give you a correct spine alignment, thus avoiding back pain.

This chair is made of high-quality material. Bonded leather material is extremely comfortable, hence enabling you to increase productivity.

Additionally, the seat has a high back, which gives you waist support. Its high-density cushions also lead to reduced back and legs pressure.

It also has a multifunction adjustment function, which allows you to adjust its back and height. As a result, you can have various sitting angles.

Also, it has a lock function that helps you maintain your suitable position. It has a side lever that enables you to make all the adjustments, including height adjustments.

Besides, the seat has soft and convenient armrests that assist you in keeping your hands relaxed. The seat armrests are also adjustable up to a height of 24″ from the ground.

It is a heavy-duty chair with up to 300 pounds of weight capacity. It is durable and comes with 18 month warranty.


  • Its deep layered cushions make it comfortable.
  • It has adjustable armrests.
  • It is relatively easy to assemble.
  • It has rolling casters for smooth movements.
  • The seat has a height-adjusting function.
  • It has a robust backrest.
  • It has a lockable rocking and tilting backrest.
  • It comes with 18 month warranty.
  • It has smooth leather and an executive look.
  • It gives you waist support for more comfort.


  • The armrests are only height adjustable.
  • It doesn’t have a headrest.


If you are looking for a great office chair, this is the chair for you.

SMUGDESK Office Chair Mesh Executive Chair with 3D Adjustable Armrests

Office Chair Ergonomic Desk...
  • Note : To ensure proper assembly, please follow...
  • 【Good for Vertebral】This desk chair with...
  • 【Designed for Sedentary】The high density seat...
  • 【Good Load-bearing】Strong five-legged base...
  • 【Durable & Flexible】This computer chair with...

This chair has fantastic armrests that make your working experience enjoyable.

The chair has various exciting features that can help you increase your productivity. An adjustable headrest that can tilt is one of the features. Also, it has a height adjustment function to give you a better posture and relaxation.

Enhanced lumbar support helps you reduce your muscle fatigue. This chair’s lumbar support is designed to increase the user’s comfort. Besides, it supports your natural spine curve fully.

Most of the best computer chairs under 200 have ergonomic armrests. However, this executive mesh office chair has armrests with a 3D movement.

Also, these armrests have an in-built padding function for pressure reduction. Additionally, you can also raise or lower these armrests by use of a button.

Besides, this chair has defined armrest adjustability. As a result, you can either alter them outwards or inwards alongside the horizontal movement.

This seat also has a breathability feature due to its reinforced and elastic mesh back. Such backs mound your body, giving you a better relaxation.

A mesh back facilitates the easy circulation of air, thus preventing your body from sweating.


  • It can support up to 300 lbs of weight capacity.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.
  • It is well-ventilated due to its mesh back.
  • It has ergonomic 3D armrests which pivot inwards.
  • Has a waterfall edge for thigh pressure reduction.
  • It has lumbar support for lower back support.
  • It has an adjustable headrest.
  • It has both seat and armrest adjustability functions.
  • It has casters to facilitate smooth movements.


  • The backrest can only tilt back up to 117 degrees only.
  • Sometimes the casters get stuck.


This is the best ergonomic office chair under $200 with modern features for you.

HON Sadie Big & Tall Office Computer Chair – Best for Big & Tall Individuals

HON Sadie Big and Tall Office...
  • ERGONOMIC POSTURE SUPPORT: Adjustable lumbar...
  • DIMENSIONS - Overall Depth: 30.31 in | Overall...
  • ROLLING OFFICE CHAIR: Smooth-rolling casters and...
  • COOLING MESH BACK TASK CHAIR: Added comfort with...
  • Assembly required

This is a heavy-duty chair that is capable of supporting substantial weight capacity.

This Sadie big and tall office computer seat is the best computer chair for under $200. It has an adjustable lumbar control, which gives you extra lower back support.

The feature provides you with ergonomic posture support for ultimate luxury and relaxation.

Smooth-rolling casters are another fantastic feature of this chair. They enable you to move around the office space with ease. Its wheels are durable, hence can hold up under heavy use, making the seat more convenient.

Additionally, the seat has a cooling mesh back that gives it excellent air circulation. Subsequently, the back helps you maintain your cool back without sweating.

The adjustability feature in this chair is fantastic. It allows you to adjust its height to your most convenient level.

Similarly, it has height-adjustable arms to give your shoulders and upper body the necessary support. Its large size and thick cushions make you comfortable, a feeling that results in a productivity increase.

Lastly, this is a heavy-duty chair with up to 400 pounds of weight capacity. This makes it suitable for tall and oversized individuals.

Also, the seat is highly durable due to the high-quality materials used.


  • The chair has large in size.
  • It has adjustable lumbar support.
  • The back seat has a reclining function.
  • It gives you value for money.
  • Its thick cushion gives it extra comfort.
  • Its casters roll smoothly.
  • It has an adjustable height and armrests.
  • It has a cooling mesh back.
  • Easy to assemble


  • The back seat lacks a lock function after reclining.
  • Not suitable for small-bodied individuals.
  • The seat is poorly packed.


The chair is ideal for tall, big, and oversized individuals as they fit in it comfortably.

Best Office Chairs Under $200 – Buyer’s Guide

office chairs under 200

Unquestionably, office chairs have different price tags. However, there are various reasons for this price difference.

Therefore, to get the best office chairs under $200, you need to do adequate research.

Features that an office chair has are the main determinants of price variation. It is these features that make some seats more comfortable and relaxing.

The degree of a seat’s adjustability is essential. Also, the tilt function gives you a better relaxing experience while working.

However, paying special attention to the price of a chair is essential.

Here are factors that you should consider while buying the best ergonomic office chair for under $200.

Chair Quality

The quality of a chair determines its lifespan. As a result, you should consider the quality of the materials used. Also, the quality of a chair determines its comfort.

Some of the best office chairs under $200 are of good quality. However, some can be disappointing due to malfunction or breakdown soon after purchase.

To avoid such, you need to check product ratings and reviews.

office chairs under 200

Weight Capacity

It is vital to know the weight capacity that a chair can hold before purchasing. It helps you determine the most suitable seat for your weight and size.

Overloading a chair with excess weight can break it down, thus not serving the intended purpose. In such a case, you will be required to buy another seat.

Many lower-end chairs are only capable of supporting smaller weight capacities. Such a seat might not be the best-oversized individuals even if it costs under $200.


Similarly, a product warranty is vital in choosing the best ergonomic office chair under $200. This feature enables you to get a free repair, in case of a breakdown within the period. As a result, it helps you mitigate maintenance costs.

However, you should be keen to look for exclusions of a limited lifetime warranty. It is essential to know what portion a warranty covers and for how long. Also, it is vital to read the entire warranty policy to understand the terms and conditions.


office chairs under 200

Office chair adjustability is vital in determining its comfort. Therefore, you need to pay attention to if the seat’s height is adjustable. It enables you to set a suitable height level for you.

Besides, some of the office chairs under $200 have multiple adjustability functions. Such chairs might be more luxurious, making the feature crucial for consideration.


How do I choose the best office chair under $200?

To get the best computer chair under $200, you need to consider various factors. Price is one of the things you need to check. It helps you budget and avoids buying an overpriced seat, which might lead to financial constraints.

Secondly, the quality of a seat is equally crucial. Quality office chairs are durable, thus giving you a prolonged service. Also, it helps you see the value of money.

Finally, checking seat features for the best ergonomic office chair under $200 is essential. Reclining function, height and back adjustability, armrests, and backrests are what you should check.

What are the benefits of using the best ergonomic office chair under $200?

office chairs under 200

Unquestionably, there are many advantages to using the best office chair under $200.

Good health is a benefit you are most likely to enjoy by using these seats. Most of these seats are equipped with backrests that protect your spine. Also, some have a lumbar support function that prevents back pains.

Comfort and relaxation are other benefits that the best office chair helps you enjoy. These chairs are well cushioned and have good backrests for more relaxation.

Increased productivity is another benefit of using the best office chair under 200. When you are relaxed and comfortable, you can work for longer hours without getting tired.

What is the best way to use the best office chairs under $200?

Using an office chair as recommended is crucial for its lifespan. Also, it gives you a more extended service at a low maintenance cost.

An office chair should not be overloaded. Knowing its maximum weight capacity is vital to avoid overloading.


This article summarizes five of the best office chairs under $200. Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair is at the top list of this article.

The seat has double back support for ultimate relaxation and comfort. Besides, the W-shaped cushion keeps your hips comfortable throughout.

The lumbar support enables you to work for long hours without back pain. Its reclining and adjustability functions will allow you to have the most suitable sitting positions.

This chair is long-lasting, thus giving you value for money. Also, it has a strong base and rolling casters to enable you to move around with ease.

Due to these features, the chair has the best rating and reviews.

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