Best Office Chair Cushions in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Sitting at the office for long hours affects your back and posture. To free yourself from back pains, get yourself one of the best office chair cushions. 

In all honesty, figuring out the best option is not always easy.

Below are some of the most excellent choices in the market today. 

An extensive review of the 5 best seat cushions:

Best Office Chair Cushions Reviews [Year]

HOKEKI Seat Cushion

HOKEKI Seat Cushion Memory...
5 Reviews

This cushion is skin-friendly, safe, and highly breathable.

Lastly, on our top 5 picks is the HOKEKI seat cushion. Remarkably, it features an ergonomic and a unique cutout design. Because of this design, it makes a perfect cushion for people with large bodies.

It includes high-quality memory foam, which is 100% pure with no additives. If you are under 280 pounds, this cushion can serve you well for a long time. Use it to regain your right posture or relieve yourself from leg and back pains.

Most reviewers find it non-slip and soft as well. With such a flexible design, enjoy working or driving for long hours. Neither fatigue nor backpains will bother you anymore.

In all honesty, this is an excellent selection for people who spend more than 8 hours seated. The HOKEKI seat cushion has wide use in treating acute and chronic pains.

Moreover, it has an optimal size that enables it to fit most office chairs. You can also use it on a train, your car or even on a plane. It has a rubber bottom, which provides a perfect grip. To elaborate, it ensures zero movements when seated.

Nonetheless, it may stain bright colored vinyl or leather. So, before use, remove its cover and wash using hot water and soap.

It is also very hassle-free to carry around. The reason being, it features a carry handle.


  • Built-in handle hence easy to carry around
  • It’s safe, skin-friendly and breathable to prevent overheating
  • It’s ideal for people with massive bodies
  • It effectively reduces acute and chronic pains
  • Its rubber bottom offers grip keeping the cushion in one position
  • It has an optimal size thus fitting most types of chairs


  • Some people find it too soft

Plixio Seat Cushion

Sleepavo Black Memory Foam...
5,894 Reviews
Sleepavo Black Memory Foam...
  • Help alleviate back and hip pain: Sleepavo’s...
  • Signature ergonomic shape with pressure-relieving...
  • High density memory foam seat cushion: This coccyx...
  • Includes washable cover, anti skid bottom and...
  • Use in the office or while traveling: Each coccyx...

​The Plixio Seat Cushion seems extra economical with handy features.

Featuring an ergonomic design, it can help cut pressure off your tailbone or back. Besides, this seat cushion is also useful in aligning spinal alignment. Thus, ensuring a healthy posture.

Another thing, it has a U-shape design with a contoured surface and cutout center. These features help reduce pressure in the pelvis. So, your back can hover freely over the seat surface. Consequently, this eliminates any discomfort allowing you to sit for extended periods.

As expected, it also features a high-density and sturdy memory foam. The foam further relieves any pain from the tailbone, back, or sciatica.

The cushion seat works with any type of chair. Such include wheelchairs, office chairs, car seats, and even in their airplane.

Then again, it comes with a zippered, removable, and breathable mesh cover. Cleaning the mesh is comfortable since it’s machine washable to boot. You won’t have to fret about overheating since it ensures ideal air circulation.

Also, this cushion has a non-slip rubber bottom. As such, the pillow stays firm for stable positioning. Carrying it around is nothing to fret about. The reason being, it includes a carry handle for convenience.


  • It is beneficial in relieving pain
  • Allows you to sit down for more extended periods
  • This seat cushion consists of a breathable mesh to allow proper air circulation
  • It has a non-slip rubber bottom with a secure grip to stay intact
  • It has a U-shape design and a contoured surface to reduce pressure
  • This cushion helps you achieve the right spinal alignment and posture
  • It has a carry handle hence easy to carry around
  • It’s cheaper compared to similar products
  • It delivers premium comfort
  • It includes a 3-year warranty to cover for any defects and complaints


  • Its memory foam is quite hard

ComfiLife Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat...
  • Assist in Back Pain & Sciatica Relief -...
  • All-in-one Premium High Density Memory Foam...
  • Great for Office Chair, Driving and Traveling -...
  • Our Customers Love ComfiLife Cushion - "I have...
  • Fully Guaranteed - Customer satisfaction is our...

​It boasts of high durability.

Most people love the ComfiLife seat cushion since it has balanced features. Hence, it’s one of the best choices out there.

First, it has an ergonomic U-shape design and a cutout rear. These provide the most support and supreme comfort. At the same time, it cuts down pressure on the tailbone. Resultantly, your body achieves the right spinal placement and posture.

This seat cushion includes a built-in carry handle. Alongside the fact that it’s lightweight as well, you can, therefore, take it with you anywhere. Then again, it has a velour cover, which is not only zippered but also machine washable.

It then features top-quality pure memory foam. This material makes it durable and delivers superior comfort. You can, therefore, work for long hours without back pains or discomfort. It is thus a lasting solution for people with chronic tailbone pains.

Luckily enough, this seat cushion is perfect for any hard surface. Be it an office chair, your car seat, among others.

It includes a non-slip rubber bottom to boot. For that reason, expect very minimal to zero movements.

It’s also important to note that as weight increases, the cushions support decreases. This seat cushion provides optimal support for people weighing less than 225 lbs.


  • Top-quality 100% memory foam for superior comfort and durability
  • It’s perfect for any type of seat
  • It’s lightweight and has a carry handle to ease transportation
  • Its velour cover is zippered and is removable for washing purposes.
  • With its cutout rear and U-shape, it promotes a healthy posture and spinal placement
  • It’s useful in relieving most of the back pains and discomfort
  • It has a non-skid bottom to ensure it stays in place


  • Some people find its memory foam too hard

LoveHome Cushion Seat

LOVEHOME Lumbar Support Pillow...
18,307 Reviews
LOVEHOME Lumbar Support Pillow...
  • Alleviates Lower Back Pain and Posture Improved -...
  • Sturdy Supportive and Effective- Ergonomic...
  • Secure Two Adjustable Straps- lumbar support for...
  • Breathable & Removable & Washable Cover- Our...

It includes two extra straps, thus ideal for any chair.

This seat cushion by LoveHome is effective in relieving mid and lower back pains. With top-quality memory foam, it never flattens out. Thereby, it provides optimal back support.

Also, the foam compresses, taking the natural shape of your curves and hips. Through this, it gets rid of any numbness from your back while promoting a fit posture.

This seat cushion comes with two extension straps as well. Their purpose is to ensure that the backrest fits any kind of chair. It can fit a computer chair, office chair, couch, car seat, among others. Other than that, the straps also keep the seat cushion intact. This prevents it from sliding down.

In the same way, it features a non-skid material with a firm grip to further prevent sliding.

Further, it includes a removable and washable 3D mesh.

Being a ventilated cover, it allows smooth air circulation. Thus, neither moisture nor sweat can fill it up mainly if you sit for long hours. For this reason, it’s one of the best picks to use in a wheelchair.

It weighs 1.45 pounds and measures 13 by 13 by 4.5 inches. It’s also lightweight making it stress-free to carry it around.

With its size, it equally distributes your body weight for extra comfort. In case of any complaints, it comes with a 60-day return window.


  • It ensures the perfect spinal placement to achieve a vibrant posture
  • It has a top-notch and firm memory foam
  • Its 3D mesh allows proper air circulation hence preventing overheating
  • It is instrumental in relieving back pains
  • It displays a perfect balance between softness and firmness
  • The cushion works with any type of chair
  • The package includes two bonus straps
  • It gets rid of back numbness
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry around
  • It has straps to keep the seat intact
  • It’s ideal for people in surgery recovery
  • It allows you to sit for long hours


  • Some users find it bulky
  • The 60-day return window is unreliable

 SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion

SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion Coccyx...
19,244 Reviews
SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion Coccyx...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY! Our back support and coccyx...

It is a great choice to reduce fatigue. Also, the SOFTaCARE seat cushion is ideal for arthritis patients.

It features an anatomic shape. To clarify, it compresses to fit your back curves, thus cutting down pressure from the coccyx. You’ll no longer have to fret over tailbone injuries or herniated discs.

Like other cushions from this review, it also features sturdy memory foam. Not only does the foam provide comfort, but it also relieves you from present back pains.

Furthermore, this seat cushion comes with a zippered and washable velour cover. Consequently, you can easily remove it for cleaning purposes.

It includes a 3D breathable mesh to boot. As such, this will avoid overheating by preventing moisture and sweat. As a result, it allows proper air movement, thereby staying cool.

It then has two adjustable straps to hold it steady on your chair. In the same way, it has a non-slip bottom to keep it intact in one position.

The cushion comes with a built-in handle for convenience when carrying. Also, it works on all types of chairs.

As a bonus, it includes a backrest as well for supreme comfort.


  • It’s easy to carry around since it’s lightweight and has a carry handle
  • It includes a special pocket to keep your gadget
  • The seat cushion comes with a backrest for extra comfort
  • It effectively reduces fatigue allowing you to work for longer hours
  • With its two adjustable straps, it holds firmly to any type of seat
  • It has zippered covers which are removable for washing
  • Its breathable mesh prevents the place from overheating
  • It includes an atomic design to fit your back curves


  • It’s not that big hence not suitable for everyone

Best Office Chair Cushions – Buyer’s Guide

Best Office Chair Cushions

These days, the need for office seat cushions is increasing. This is because most people keep complaining of constant back pains.

Of course, this is a result of sitting for long hours on a wrong posture or maybe on uncomfortable seats. If you are a victim of such, you might begin your search for the best seat cushion.

However, the results will overwhelm you. The reason being, you’ll come across different products with varying features and specifications. Some of these features might not even make sense.

Let’s take this short journey together. And, we’ll find out what matters when looking for the best seat cushion. Below are some standard features you ought to consider to acquire the best product.

Ergonomic and Anatomic Support

This is one very critical aspect that exemplifies an office seat cushion’s design. In short, it includes what you would like to have in the pillow that can support your weight. Also, something that won’t pressure your tailbone.

If you happen to suffer from spinal problems or sciatica, consider the design. For instance, the cushion should have a cutout. This would approximate the location of the tailbone. By this, it will apply less or no pressure on your vertebra. Hence, you don’t have to suffer the pain of extended sitting.

The Ideal Size

You ought to compare the dimensions of the office seat cushion you wish to buy with that of your seat. Note, not all ‘universal fit’ seat cushions fit your chair. You may find that some of those cushions will not cover the surface of your chair as you intend. Ensure you get the ideal size.

What’s The Material of Fill?

Most seat cushions feature foam padding. Nevertheless, some incorporate different materials in the base foam. For instance, some may put polyester granules, and while others may use fiberfill. Take your time and learn the different fill materials used in cushions and pick the one that suits you.

The Fabric Used

This might not be a deal-breaker for most people, but for some, it is. Some products will feature conventional polyester, while others will feature leather. If you care much about the fabric, it’s essential to choose one that will last a lifetime of use.

Ease of Maintenance

This is closely related to the cover material or fabric. Pick a cover that is easy to wipe clean, maybe using a damp cloth.

Also, a cover that is machine washable is the right choice. Even so, select one that requires thorough care.


Best Office Chair Cushions

Are the cover fabric and cushion waterproof?

Well, this depends on who manufactured the seat cushion. The fabric cover and the pillow can be waterproof. Nonetheless, note that most seat cushions include foams with varying densities. And, foam is not waterproof but is water-absorbent. We say a cushion is waterproof only when it’s covered in a water-resistant casing.

Can it support a heavyweight person?

This is dependent on the material used to make the seat cushion. We understand that most cushions feature foam material. So, the largest weight capacity depends on the density of the foam. This includes the kind of foam used and its thickness as well. The thicker the foam, the higher the supported weight capacity.

Can I use the cushion on a motorbike?

No. The reason being, the size of most seat cushions is way too large than the breadth of a motorbike seat. If you wish to use a cushion on your motorbike, find one that is precisely designed for motorcycles.


Many of us spending hours behind computer desks. Therefore, we ought to invest in an ergonomic office seat cushion.

Even so, some don’t work behind a desk. However, you’ll still engage yourself in simple things. For example, watching TV, driving, traveling on a plane still exert a lot of pressure on our backs.

Therefore, we always need additional support. It won’t matter if the seat cushion you pick. Any selection will somehow reduce pain and improve your posture. The reason being, it delivers a variety of essential features. With such, it plays a vital role in relieving back pains and restoring a healthy posture.

This is achievable through its U-shape design and the cutout rear. Besides, it’s stress-free to carry around. In conclusion, it is also highly breathable, thus preventing overheating.

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