Best DXRacer Chairs in 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Backpains are real for gamers, serious ones! An ergonomic gaming chair with a high backrest and excellent lumbar and neck support can prevent backpains.

Ergonomic gaming furniture is easy to come by, and the DXracer collection is one of the most influential choices out there.

While this brand offers endless choices in gaming chairs, are you ready to know about the 5 best DXRacer chair options in the market?

DXRacer Formula Series OH/FH11/NC Gaming Chair – Overall Performer

DXRacer Formula Series...
  • Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and...
  • Patent race car seat breathable material: strong...
  • Extra higher backrest to save neck and spinal,...
  • Special soft armrests with adjustment protect...
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on...

Luxury meets comfort on this chic-looking chair that can easily blend with the interiors in any space.

The various parameters that you can adjust on this one are the height, inclination, arm height, and armrest angle.

Adjustment levers are easy to access in a seated posture, and this makes the features more practical.

A strong base, efficient back support, comfortable fabric, and just right padding are put together to make this a comfortable chair for gamers.

To improve the gaming experience or for enhanced productivity at the workplace, this one works equally well on multiple occasions. There is a high backrest for good posture and support for the spinal column.

Therefore it feels comfortable to sit on this chair for hours.

You will find several such nuances integrated to deliver the best gaming experience while also caring for your posture.


  • Versatility offers excellent value for the money
  • You can tilt the backrest up to an inclination of 135 degrees
  • 3D adjustable arm design provides stability and safety
  • Durable caster wheels deliver smooth movement
  • Better air circulation with mesh fabric prevents excess warmth
  • Comfortable firm back support prevents back pain


  • A nylon base is not the most durable option

Final Word:

This chair works well for most people with an average build looking for a fool-proof gaming chair for long-term use.

DXRacer King Series OH/KS06/NG Big and Tall Gaming Chair – Sturdy Construction

  • DXRacer King Series OH/ Big...
    • Backrest is high and straight for great head...
    • 360-degree swivel base with smooth 3" double...
    • Foam type:High Density Mould Shaping Foam
    • Adjustable lumbar pillow and head/neck pillow...

Conventional features and wide inclination angles with plenty of armrest adjustments make this an excellent chair for gaming and office desks.

The extra expense incurred on this chair delivers the stability and strength that you might need in the long run.

Thanks to the strong aluminum base and the large overall build, this one can hold up to 300 lbs and feels comfortable for users of all builds.

Heavy-duty gas lift on the chair comes with the assurance of long life and smooth adjustments.

It is covered in PU leather, which I like because it doesn’t wear off too soon, and it is also easy to clean when there are accidental spills.


  • The smooth rocking function adds to the comfort
  • 4D movem­­­ent of the arms provides full control over your arm posture
  • The armrest can also be adjusted based on mouse operation
  • 3” caster wheels prove stable and smooth maneuverability
  • The swivel function also works like a charm


  • The width might feel a little tight for those with a broad physique
  • Doesn’t come with a plush feel

Final Word:

If you need premium chairs that make you feel well-supported in your office space or for gaming, and if you have a large budget to spare, then this one from the King series is worth considering.

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RV131/NO Office Gaming Chair – Comfortable Premium Gaming Chair

DXRacer Racing Series...
  • Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and...
  • Patent race car seat breathable material: Carbon...
  • Extra higher backrest to save neck and spinal,...
  • 90 degree 4D adjustable armrests protect shoulders...
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on...

Allowing you to choose from a host of color accents, this is another high-back chair that offers firm support for your spinal column.

Ergonomics are maintained in every dimension by delivering convenient adjustments of the backrest and armrest besides height adjustments.

Each of the inclination levels and height settings feels secure, adding to the convenience after you have made your adjustments.

Lumbar support that comes in the package helps prevent lower back pain and makes it suitable for delivering a good posture. There is also a headrest cushion that complements the high back design of this chair, preventing neck pain when used for a long duration.

Rubberized wheels glide without any difficulty while also providing enough traction for safety.

They also do not leave scratches when you have to use this chair in a room with wooden flooring.


  • Includes both lumbar and neck cushions
  • Easy assembly makes it convenient to use
  • Vinyl and PU leather exteriors blend functionality with ease of maintenance
  • These are chairs known for longevity
  • High-density foam adjusts with the seating posture
  • Foam doesn’t face sagging with regular use


  • There is no enough padding

Final Word:

For gamers who are looking for a luxury gaming chair that is also easy when it comes to maintenance, this variant is one of my favorite recommendations.

DXRacer Iron Series OH/IS133/N Office Gaming Chair – Executive Looks

DXRacer Iron Series OH/IS133/N...
  • Quality and Security All the accessories have...
  • Imported Hydraulic unit The hydraulic unit is...
  • Adjustable system The height and angle of the...
  • Full-size frame The DXRACER chair has a full size...
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on...

The elegant looks of this chair come from the combination of perforated vinyl and leather-style vinyl on the exteriors.

This delivers a clear winner for those who are looking for premium no-fuss looks.

As you might already know, vinyl performs reasonably well when it comes to resisting signs of wear and tear. Wiping off spills and preventing stains can also be simple on this chair.

Perforated vinyl on the seating area feels gentle against the skin and also increases ventilation, therefore, keeping the chair feeling cool and convenient.

With the ability to bear people up to 6’3” in height and 275lbs of weight, this is a relatively strong and wide chair for comfort.

The hydraulic lift feels strong and works smoothly without providing a sudden yank when you adjust the height.

The full metal frame design is rare to come by, and this makes it one of the strongest and also one the most durable options out there.


  • Comfortable even for people with a tall and broad physique
  • The strong hydraulic lift mechanism works well and is durable
  • The wide aluminum base makes this chair feel more stable and secure
  • Armrest adjustments feel smooth
  • The intuitive design of the armrest feels easy from all inclinations


  • The armrest feels a little too firm
  • The size of the armrest might also be a problem for some

Final Word:

This is a gaming chair that looks dashing and can make an excellent office chair as well. With plenty of quality tested components, this expensive gaming chair is a long-term commitment if you are a serious gamer.

DXRacer Classic Series OH/CE120/NC Office Gaming Chair – Comfortable Seat Width

DXRacer Classic Series...
  • Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and...
  • Wider seat, Patent race car seat breathable...
  • Extra higher backrest to save neck and...
  • 3D straight armrests protect shoulders and wrists
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on...

Combining a high backrest design with a wide seat, this one delivers enough room for people with a broad frame.

You feel cozy and secure without feeling restricted in movement.

With a strong gas lift mechanism, you can adjust the heights easily without any sudden movements.

Each height locks nicely and thus makes you feel secure in the position you choose.

The chair comes with a removable lumbar cushion that delivers a firm posture correction in the lower back region.


  • The multifunctional tilt of the backrest feels practical to use
  • The high-density foam responds well to the posture
  • Overall comfort it offers is significant during long gaming sessions
  • Comes with premium looks
  • Leather-style vinyl combines the perks of long life and easy care
  • This model also carries the brand’s patented race car seat design
  • It doesn’t feel too warm while sitting for hours


  • Only 3D movements are possible in the armrest
  • For the price paid, there are no extra cushions for headrests

Final Word:

Slightly on the expensive side, this one feels comfortable thanks to the thick padding it provides. Though you might not find it plush, it can deliver the firmness that relieves tension in your sore muscles.

dxracer chairs

Best DXRacer Chairs – Buyer’s Guide

There are very few brands that have as much command over the gaming furniture market as DXracer. It is a brand that has become synonymous with gaming chairs.

However, did you know that the brand also delivers some of the most comfortable classic office chairs as well?

Before I tell you what you should be looking for in a particular chair that you pick, understanding the differences in the DXracer chairs series will be helpful.

The brand offers several variants in each of these series. Most of them are categorized predominantly based on the DXRacer weight limit.

For people with a small build-up to 200 lbs

  • Formula
  • Valkyrie
  • Racing
  • Drifting

Both the Drifting and Racing series come in PRO models, which can extend the weight capacity up to 250 lbs.

Size Chart:

The medium build-up to 300 lbs

  • ​Classic
  • Iron
  • King

Large build – up to 400 lbs

  • Slightly rare and pretty expensive, the Boss and Tank series can bear up to 400 lbs of weight easily.
dxracer chairs

Factors To Look For In A Chair You Pick

Besides gathering details from every DX racer chair review, it is critical to compare the following features.

1. Height and weight recommendations

As I mentioned above, this can help narrow down the vast list. Also, not exceeding the recommended weight is a matter of safety.

2. Dimensions of the chair

Even within the recommended height and weight category, you might find chairs of different dimensions and weights. You can easily pick one that fits the space available in your home or office area where you would place the chair.

Both in the office chair range and gaming chair range, the brand offers ample choices in dimensions.

3. The material of the seat

Seats from this range come in fabric-lined designs, perforated vinyl, PU leather, vinyl, or other combinations. Heat retention, as well as efficiency in air circulation, are some of the features that vary depending on the material. The other critical consideration is the ease of cleaning the chair. While fabric might retain stains easily, PU leather might be slightly easier to tackle. The way each of these materials reacts to wear and tear also differs. Pick a chair that looks as good as new without scruff marks prominently visible within a few uses.

4. The material of the frame

Frame material, as well as the extent of usage of the material, varies from one chair to another. Some contain metal frames throughout the length of the chair. This adds to the safety and control of your positions. The base material could be strong nylon or aluminum. This influences the price and strength of the chair itself.

dxracer chairs

5. Adjustments allowed

Adjusting the backrest is one, and changing the heights is another. Providing an optimal level of tilt is a good to have feature. Some of them are rigid in the inclined angle, while some offer a slight clearance for a gentle rocking feel. The armrest adjustments work as intended, provided the padding and size of the armrests are also convenient.

6. Budget

There are several entry-level chairs in this collection that offer as much comfort as the expensive ones. Consider the value it delivers and the longevity when you judge the price of the chair.

7. Looks

Finally, if you are very particular about the game room feel, like me, then you will be happy to know that this brand offers plenty of choices in the looks segment. There are color choices available in most of the series, and some carry exciting accents.

With all these differences, there is the ease of picking a chair that blends well with the rest of the items you have placed in the game room.

While there are so many such features, you can compare while picking a DXracer chair; all of them contain several similarities like a reasonably high backrest compared to other models in the segment.

These are designed keeping long-duration gaming in mind. They are also meant to relieve cramps and muscle soreness that comes from sitting for a long time.

The depth and width of the seat are all curated to support the thigh and ensure that the footrests are flat on the floor.

dxracer chairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all DXracer chairs similar in their features?

The brand diversifies its offerings based on the dimension of the chair itself, and the weight and height recommended. There are tiny details that vary from one model to another.

Are there DXracer chairs suitable for office use?

Iron and Classic series make great office chair options while the Racing, King, and Formula series make great choices for the full-fledged gaming experience.

Are all DXRacer chairs designed with high backrests?

Generally, full-back support comes as a trait of these chairs. The recommended height for each of these also varies, and this helps determine whether the high backrest works without giving you neck pain.

Therefore checking the weight and height recommendations of the chair can be the crucial first step in your decision.

How Comfortable are DXracer chairs?

Following the recommendations can help you experience the intended comfort and support for which the chair was designed.

Do DXracer chairs offer neck and lumbar support?

For head support and lumbar support, some DXracer chairs come with extra cushions. These enhance the overall experience and reduce the strain on the back and neck when you have to sit for long periods.


If you have a large budget to spare, there are plenty of choices out there.

When it comes to keeping the price low while also delivering all the useful perks, the DXRacer Formula Series OH/FH11/NC Office Gaming Chair is a clear winner.

If you are a gamer who complains about frequent muscle cramps and soreness, then picking the right gaming chair can be the change that you need.

The formula series is one of the best options I recommend for gamers picking their first ever gaming chair.

With a host of cool features and some vibrant colors to pick from, the OH/FH11/NC formula series chair performs well in various aspects. With its conventional mechanism for adjustment, it is an efficient addition to the gaming zone.

For head support and lumbar support, some of the best DXRacer chairs come with extra cushions.

These enhance the overall experience and reduce the strain on the back and neck when you have to sit for long periods.

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