How to Use Ipad as Drawing Tablet for Pc? Top Full Guide 2022

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If you own an iPad and a PC, you can use your iPad as a drawing tablet for your PC. There are a few different ways to do this, and the method you use will depend on the type of PC you have and the type of software you’re using. This article will show you How to Use Ipad as Drawing Tablet for Pc.

What Are Standalone Drawing Tablets?

They are tablet computers that can be used on their screens and do not require connecting to a computer or Mac. The majority of standalone drawing tablets cost more than those with a screen.

What Are Standalone Drawing Tablets

But beginners can still find affordable options like Simbans PicassoTab, which offers the same efficiency at a fair price.

Apple iPads are a great example of a tablet that is not dependent on a computer. However, you may want to use the iPad on a PC or Mac just for entertainment purposes or if there are no iPad drawing apps.

This process will allow you to use your computer’s speed, not your iPad, most likely slow. As if you were drawing a hand-drawn illustration, the apple pencil simulates a pencil.

If you plan to draw professionally or as a portable device for drawing, you should check out the best iPads.

How to Use Ipad as Drawing Tablet for Pc?

How to Use an Ipad as Drawing Tablet for Pc

How to Use an Ipad as a Drawing Tablet With a Pc: Astropad Project Blue

Astropad is an iPad app that has been around for many years. It was the first way to make an iPad work like a Wacom Cintiq, connecting it to a Macbook.

Astropad Project Blue, a new venture, allows you to transform an iPad into a drawing tablet that interfaces with a computer.

You can still download it free of charge, but you will need to download two apps, one for your iPad and one for your PC.

Once you have those two applications, you are good to go. Astropad Project Blue allows you to connect your iPad to your computer via Wi-Fi or USB.

It is possible to communicate via physical connections if your setup allows it. This will make the relationship more reliable and reduce latency.

After you have loaded Astropad Project Blue onto your iPad, it will mirror or extend your PC’s desktop. A workspace sidebar allows you to quickly access helpful tools such as brushing pencils and undo/redo.

Project Blue supports Apple Pencil and provides pressure sensitivity in many applications, including Blender, Clip Studio Paint, Zbrush, and Clip Studio Paint. To help pressure sensitivities, Project Blue uses the Windows Ink tablet driver API.

If a program does not support this API, it will not support pressure-sensitive. This includes Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Astropad Project Blue continues to be a work-in-progress. While there are still some bugs and kinks to iron out, downloading the beta now will allow you to give feedback to the creators to help improve the future version of Astropad Project Blue. The beta version is free right now!

How to Use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC EasyCanvas

How to Use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC: EasyCanvas

EasyCanvas, a simple-to-use program that any iPad can use to expand or mirror the desktops of all PCs, is easy-to-use and one-size-fits-all.

You can download the app for iPad and PC. However, you will need to pay $11.99 upfront or $4.99 per year. This is much cheaper than Duet Display Pro.

The app is available for both iPad and PC. There are no other differences between the options. You get the same functionality with each pricing structure.

Anyone can use EasyCanvas. The latency is minimal, and the desktop display works well. You can connect wirelessly on Windows.

Although the app supports pressure sensing on the Apple Pencil, it may not be compatible with your preferred drawing app.

The manufacturers recommend that you go into Photoshop’s settings to change the pen input from WinTab (to tablet PC) to enable pressure sensitivities.

Although it’s not as user-friendly as Duet Display Pro without a dedicated support team, EasyCanvas works well and is much cheaper.

How to Use Ipad Pro as a Drawing Tablet for Pc Duet Display

How to Use Ipad Pro as a Drawing Tablet for Pc: Duet Display

Designed by former Apple engineers, Duet Display is a desktop-mirroring/extending iPad tool that has been around for years – and supports Windows computers and Apple ones. The apps are available for download on both the iPad and Windows.

Once you have downloaded and launched the apps, you can connect your iPad to your computer via USB. Duet will automatically start to mirror or expand your desktop.

If your monitor resolution is drastically different from your iPad’s, you may need to adjust the key in your PC settings. Otherwise, you are good to go.

The team updated the application regularly, which is constantly adding new features. The Duet Pro version includes responsive Apple Pencil performance, tilt sensitivity and pressure sensitivity, and palm rejection.

There is a slight latency between the pen stroke appearing on the screen and the actual pen stroke, but this is not a problem with these PC/iPad solutions.

Duet Display’s optimized performance means that it runs at a low CPU and battery consumption, so you can continue drawing longer without looking for a power outlet. A highly responsive support team is available to assist you if the software doesn’t work.

The standalone Duet Display costs $19.99 in the app store. You can subscribe to Duet Air for more functionality.

However, Duet Air costs $24.99 per annum and adds wireless connectivity. If you want to use your iPad as an electronic drawing pad, we recommend that you go all the way and pick Duet Pro.

This is $34.99/year, but it unlocks many features such as tailored drawing algorithms and pressure sensitivity, tilts sensitivity, multi-touch gestures, zoom/pan, hover, line smoothing, color calibration, etc.

Use Ipad as Drawing Tablet for Photoshop Luna Display

Use Ipad as Drawing Tablet for Photoshop: Luna Display

Astropad’s biggest flaw is its dependence on mirroring rather than adding a separate screen. While drawing on your tablet, you can’t leave a reference image or chat window on your Astropad display. Luna Display can change that.

From the same people as Astropad, Luna Display is a wireless USB/DisplayPort adapter that transmits video signals from your Mac to an iPad or another Mac. This allows you to pair AstroPad with a second wireless display.

Astropad will still be required to purchase for Apple Pencil input. You’ll also need to pay the monthly fee if your company wants professional features such as customizable pressure settings and Magic Gestures (on top of the $130 dongle). It is a costly venture, but you might find other uses for your dongle.

You can, for example, use the Luna Display to display one Mac’s display onto another. This is a great way to use an older iMac with a good show but old internals.

Before you purchase, make sure you read the compatibility section of Astropad’s Luna Display Support site to make sure you can use it fully.


Assuming you have an iPad and PC, you can use your iPad as a drawing tablet for your PC with the right software. The first step is to download and install the software on your PC. Once the software is installed, please open it and connect your iPad to your PC using a USB cable.

Once your iPad is connected, open the software and find an available drawing area. We hope that our guide helped you know How to turn your iPad into a graphics tablet.

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