6 Best Glass Dry Erase Board for School & Office in 2024

There were times when your teachers at school used to give lessons with the help of a chalkboard. You might also have had a smaller version at home, which you would hang on the wall and draw colorful pictures.

While it was fun to play with the black canvas, it was a pain to erase the board. The drawings needed to be erased with a wet fabric!

However, things have become more simplified. Instead of chalkboards, many classrooms and conference rooms contain a glass board.

A glass board is a whiteboard made of tempered glass, which makes the item nearly unbreakable. It requires special ink for marking on the board, and the markings can be easily erased without moisture. 

Now if you’re wondering where to find the best glass dry erase board, look no further than this guide!

Top 6 Best Glass Dry Erase Board Reviews

Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase White Board

Quartet Glass Whiteboard,...
3,661 Reviews
Quartet Glass Whiteboard,...
  • FRAMELESS GLASS – Elevate your office or home...
  • CLEAN ERASE – Non-absorbent glass lets you...
  • LONG-LASTING GLASS – The strong durable tempered...
  • MAGNETIC POSTING – Multifunctional steel-backed...

Add a unique touch to your home or office with this magnetic dry erase board by Quartet.

When mounted on the wall, this frameless glass board will make you think as if it’s floating. That’s because, unlike most glass boards, this one sticks out an inch to give a dimension. Even if you need to make a larger surface area for displaying your ideas, you can mount another frameless board adjacent to it!

Apart from its design, the glass board is sturdy enough to withstand dents and scratches, which would otherwise, be something of concern when you’re giving a presentation. You can write down your ideas on this board as much as you want, and it won’t show any signs of degradation.

Behind the white glass layer lies a steel backing that allows magnets to stick to the glass. If you’re organizing your ideas or collaborating with your colleagues, you can hang up colored notes on the glass board.

Speaking of hanging up notes, this amazing dry erase board comes with a couple of strong board magnets. Not only that, but you’ll also get a marker and an accessory tray!

The glass board lets you write smoothly without causing the ink to stain the surface. Plus, you can erase your writing easily using a dry eraser. To get the most out of this amazing glass board, Quartet recommends using its accessories.

Highlighted Features

  • It has magnetic properties
  • Frameless design
  • Fully white glass board
  • Does not cause staining or ghosting
  • Comes with board magnets, a pen, and an accessory tray

U Brands Glass Dry Erase Board

U Brands Glass Dry Erase...
2,580 Reviews
U Brands Glass Dry Erase...
  • The tempered glass dry erase surface never stains...
  • Ideal for heavy writing use in an office, at home...
  • Modern, frameless design is fitted with a sturdy...
  • Make the most of your workspace and combine...
  • Easily mount your 23" x 35" board with the...

If you’re looking for a non-magnetic option, you might want to get your hands on this glass board by U Brands!

The glass in this dry erase board is of frosted variation. If you want to cover up that imperfect area of the wall, this board will do the trick! Not only that, but when you write on the board with colorful dry-erase markers, your writing will look brighter than ever!

You can write or draw whatever you want without worrying about stains on the glass board. Once you’re done, you can wipe it off using a dry eraser. The glass board will last a long time which makes it suitable for both personal and commercial uses.

What’s good about this guy is that it has a tray built underneath the board. So, whenever you’re brainstorming or giving presentations, you can place the marker on the tray instead of reaching for the nearest desk. Just like the glass, the tray is sturdy, and it won’t break even after several uses.

This glass board is also frameless, and you can hang it up either horizontally or vertically on the wall.  It comes with clear instructions and even mounting tools for easy setup! Instead of running to the hardware store for purchasing mounting tools, you can use that time to get your glass board ready for use.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a non-magnetic surface
  • Frameless design
  • It is made of frosted glass
  • Does not cause staining or ghosting
  • It has a built-in accessory tray

Audio-Visual Direct Frosted Glass Dry-Erase Board Set

Audio-Visual Direct Frosted...
1,330 Reviews
Audio-Visual Direct Frosted...
  • Express Yourself - Our smooth glass surface is...
  • Erase Effortlessly - Our boards prevent ghosting...
  • Tempered Glass - Cleaner and longer lasting than...
  • Planning and Organization - This dry-erase board...
  • Easy Installation - Includes full size template,...

The best glass dry erase board should be versatile and convenient! And that’s what the Audio-Visual Direct frosted glass dry-erase board set is about! This set is exactly what you need for effortless use as well as hassle-free installation.

Like the previous glass board, this one is also made of frosted glass. Since frosted glass is known for semi-transparency, you can attach documents behind the glass and explain them to your audience while marking them on the board. Shop owners can even put up promotional posters for potential customers.

The glass itself is smooth and sturdy. You can write on it and then wipe the ink off with a single swipe of an eraser. There’ll be no staining or ghosting, but a super clean surface! Plus, glass won’t degrade no matter how often you use it.

You can rest assured the glass board won’t fall off the wall either! The mounting pieces it comes with are all of premium quality. You can easily install the board by following the instructions carefully.

If you need to work on a larger surface as the board measures 17.75 x 23.6 inches, you can mount another one adjacent to it because of the frameless design!

When you’re writing on the board and someone asks you to help them carry something, where you would put the marker? If there isn’t any desk in front of you, you have the aluminum tray attached to the board!

Highlighted Features

  • Easy installation with the full-size template, metal mounts, and wall anchors
  • Frosted glass helps to display markings and documents better
  • Clean surface after wiping, no staining or ghosting
  • Built-in accessory tray to keep accessories nearby

Workvista Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Magnetic Glass Whiteboard -...

If you need a bigger size for your classroom or office, the Workvista magnetic glass whiteboard is a perfect choice!

Compared to the previous glass boards in the list, this one is bigger as it measures 48 x 36 inches. That doesn’t end here, but this glass board comes with everything you need to get started- a magnetic tray, erasers, pins, dry-erase markers and sticky tapes, washi tapes, and anti-wobble crashpads!

The ultra-white glass allows clear viewing of markings and pasted documents. Regardless of how often you use the glass board, the whiteness won’t go away because there won’t be any stains in the first place! With a single swipe of an eraser, the board will look as good as new!

The ink of the included dry-erase markers flows freely and doesn’t emit the strong odor present in most markers. You’ll be getting six dry-erase markers in this set- one green, one blue, two black, and two red.

Apart from that, the dry-erase sticky pads help you stay organized by sticking them on the glass board, refrigerator door, or windows. These are reusable, so if you stick them somewhere by mistake, you can always remove them and stick them somewhere else!

Whether you install the glass board horizontally or vertically and then write on any area, the board won’t wobble. That’s because the six crash pads will prevent the board from bending inwards regardless of the pressure.

Highlighted Features

  • Frameless design
  • It has magnetic properties
  • Includes various accessories
  • Ultra-white glass board
  • Does not cause staining or ghosting

Zhidian Mobile Glass Dry Erase Board With Stand

Mobile Glass Dry Erase Board...
  • 【MILKY METAL PAINT STAND】- Professionally...
  • 【CASTERS WITH LOKING BRAKES 】- With a locking...
  • 【HIGH-END ATMOSPHERIC GRADE】- Our mobile glass...
  • 【15-YEARS WARRANTY】- All the glass board of...

All the rooms in your office might not have a whiteboard. In that case, a portable glass board, like this one by Zhidian can really come in handy!

Measuring 48 x 32 inches, this glass board provides a greater surface area for displaying crucial information. Although you can freely move it from room to room, the glass board has castors that you can lock in place when you’re writing on the board. Plus, the durable shelf brackets prevent the board from shaking.

When it comes to the glass itself, it withstands external force and lasts longer than regular glass. Even if you’re marking on the board for lectures or office presentations, you can rest assured it won’t leave even the tiniest bit of stain! All the markings, including those done with permanent markers, can be erased completely!

Apart from that, the full-length tray allows you to place markers, erasers, and other items while you’re giving lectures.

For professional purposes, you might want to hang up important notes or announcements on the board. Since the glass board is magnetic, you can easily attach papers to it with extra-strong magnets.

Speaking of magnets, this glass board comes with four of them! Not only that, but you’ll also get ten dry-erase markers, an eraser, and installation hardware!

Since it is a portable board, there’s no need to hire an expert. The instructions are clearly written, and it will take only a few minutes to assemble the glass board. 

Highlighted Features

  • It has four casters that can be locked
  • It has magnetic properties
  • Includes various accessories
  • Features full-length accessory tray
  • Does not cause staining or ghosting

AmazonBasics Glass Dry-Erase Board

Amazon Basics Glass Board,...
  • Includes magnetic glass dry-erase board and...
  • Frameless, minimal design that won't disrupt the...
  • Brainstorm, strategize, plan and delegate with...
  • Made with strong tempered glass that resists...
  • Includes a magnetic surface that works with...

Here’s another magnetic board that you can use to fulfill your daily tasks- the AmazonBasics glass dry-erase board.

This board is the largest one on this list because it measures 72 x 48 inches! Since the board is really large, you might not find the need of purchasing another frameless glass board and mount it adjacent to this one. The large size is what makes it perfect to be used in classrooms and conference rooms.

Other than its size, this glass board is sturdy enough to resist dents and scratches. It won’t even stain no matter how frequently you jot down your ideas on the board. When you’re done writing, you can use the included eraser to wipe off the markings easily.

There’s no need to pull a desk towards you just for putting down the marker or eraser. This glass board comes with an accessory tray that can hold such items while you’re working!

Since the board features a steel backing located behind the glass, the glass can hold extra strong magnets. Whether you’re giving presentations or collaborating with colleagues, simply attach the notes to the glass board with the help of round magnets. Keep in mind that regular magnets, like refrigerator magnets, won’t do the trick!

When it comes to the installation of the board, you can follow the instructions and use the included mounting hardware without taking a trip to the hardware store!

Highlighted Features

  • It has magnetic properties
  • Frameless design
  • Includes an eraser, accessory tray, and mounting hardware
  • Does not cause staining or ghosting
  • Can withstand dents and scratches
glass dry erase board

Glass Dry Erase Board Buying Guide


The best glass dry erase board for you should be of the perfect size for your requirements.

These glass boards are generally found in different sizes and two different shapes- square and rectangle. While smaller boards come in the size of the paper, larger ones can measure 48 inches in length and 36 inches in width.

Regardless of your room space, the variation in sizes will let you select the one that fits perfectly.


Besides white, glass boards come in a range of colors, such as pink, blue, orange, and black. The variety of colors comes in handy, particularly for offices because people can use a white-colored board for brainstorming and a different-colored board for putting up notices. That way, they can have everything organized.

Not only that but colorful glass boards can also be used for aesthetic purposes.

Glass Style

Apart from color, glass boards have clear or frosted glass styles. While clear glass boards let you record video lessons by placing the camera on the other side of the board, frosted glass hides any imperfection on the wall.

Each style has its own advantage, so before purchasing one, make sure it matches your requirements.


Glass boards are made of tempered glass to ensure safety. In the event the glass board breaks, it would shatter into tiny particles instead of large shards.

Although they are more expensive than melamine and porcelain boards, glass boards are durable and resist stain and ghosting. Also, markings on glass boards can be easily removed with a dry eraser.

Mounting Style

Do you want to affix your glass board to the wall or want to carry it from room to room?

Whichever is the case, glass boards are designed to fully comply with what you need. The glass boards that are commonly seen in classrooms and most offices are wall-mounted. Such boards require four metal anchors attached to four corners.

On the other hand, portable glass boards resemble of an easel and have four casters on the legs for easy sliding.

Magnetic Properties

Just like traditional whiteboards, glass boards can be magnetic or non-magnetic.

In the case of magnetic boards, it’s not the glass that holds magnetic properties. Manufacturers use a steel sheet behind the glass to be accessed only by very strong and rare earth magnets. This type of magnet can penetrate items of about 6 mm thickness because of the deep magnetic field.

Examples of the items that you can stick to the glass board are round board magnets, magnetic markers, erasers, and trays. Some magnetic glass boards come with a kit including such items.


If you plan to use wall-mount glass boards, you will need to perform some measuring and drilling tasks. Also, you might want help from someone for lifting the board.

It’s alright if you think it’s a bit of a challenge because you can always call an expert and let them install the board for you.

glass dry erase board

Compatible Marker Types

A. Dry Erase Marker

The link in dry-erase markers contains color pigment, chemical solvents, and an oily silicone polymer. It is because of the polymer that dry-erase markers have easy-cleaning and non-sticking properties.

Dry-erase markers are designed to be used only on non-porous surfaces. When you draw on a glass dry erase board, the ink stays in the outermost layer of the board, so it becomes easy to remove. If the marker is used on porous surfaces, such as fabric, the stain will become permanent.

B. Wet Erase Marker

Like dry erase marker, wet erase marker is designed for non-porous surfaces. Wet-erase markers contain a water-soluble dye that makes the ink semi-permanent. That means you can’t rub off the markings using a dry eraser, but with a damp cloth.

C. Liquid Chalk Marker

Liquid chalk marker is a type of wet-erase marker, designed to be used on glass dry erase boards as well as chalkboards. These markers contain chalk powder and alcohol, which offers consistency until the liquid dries.

Tips To Use Glass Dip Pen

If you love collecting pens, you might already have a glass dip pen in your collection. While you can use these beauties for art and calligraphy, you need to keep a few things in mind to ensure you get the most out of the pens.

  • Dip the nib of the pen in the ink, and observe the deep grooves in the tip. The ink goes up the nib through the grooves, and the nib holds the ink so that you don’t have to refill it frequently.
  • Instead of filling up the entire nib with ink, fill up only halfway. Let the excess ink drip off into the ink well, otherwise, it will create blobs as you write.
  • Take a piece of paper and make a few strokes on it without applying too much pressure. You can use the amount of pressure you find comfortable, but overstressing it will result in a broken pen.
  • When you write, hold the pen in a slanted way instead of vertically.
  • It doesn’t matter if you haven’t mastered calligraphy letters. You can write with a pen in your own handwriting style.
  • The pen is designed to write in a single line. So, if you’re using it for calligraphy, you will need to make extra strokes in order to thicken the letters.
  • After use, dip the pen in clean water and gently wipe the nib with a paper towel.
glass dry erase board

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Dry Erase Board And A Whiteboard?

A dry erase board and a whiteboard are essentially the same. A notable feature of such boards is that they are made of non-porous material. Unlike chalkboards, dry-erase boards can be easily cleaned without moisture or spray.

Why Are Glass Boards More Expensive Than Traditional Whiteboards?

Glass boards are more expensive than whiteboards mainly because of the materials they are made from. Traditional whiteboards are made of melamine, which causes the marker’s ink to stain on the surface, making it harder to remove. Also, the material will start to degrade after several uses.

On the other hand, glass boards are durable since they are made of tempered glass. Such boards resist stain and ghosting and are easier to clean.

Are Glass Dry Erase Boards Fragile?

Glass boards might look as if they are fragile, but they are actually not. That’s because glass boards are made of laminated or tempered glass, which makes the boards last a long time. Also, the boards will not stain after several uses.

Do Glass Whiteboards Need Special Markers?

Because glass has a slippery surface, writing on it using regular markers can cause the ink not to cling to the surface properly. That’s because such markers don’t have the ink quality suited for glass surfaces.

On the other hand, dry-erase markers, which are specially made to be used on glass, offer vivid ink color and ease of erasing. These markers also don’t dry up easily on glass. You can use such markers even on whiteboards and glass blackboards.

Apart from dry-erase markers, liquid chalk markers and wet-erase markers also work well on a glass surface.

How To Use Dry Erase Markers?

Dry-erase markers are simple to use. All you need is to take off the cap and write on the glass board. Once you’re done, you can either use the built-in eraser of the marker or a magnetic glass board eraser (if the board is magnetic) to wipe the markings.

Some markers tend to leave a long-lasting mark on the glass board. In such cases, you can use a clean damp cloth or towel to wipe the surface.

How Do You Store Your Dry Erase Markers?

The ideal way of storing dry-erase markers is to put them in a container, such as a pen stand, where you can easily find them. After using the marker, make sure to close the cap tightly so that air can’t seep inside the marker. If air gets inside, it will cause the ink to dry up.

When storing in a container, placing the marker with its tip facing downwards will allow the ink to moisten the tip.

Final Word

Glass boards are great for teaching and jotting down the ideas that pop up in your mind. The sleek design fits elegantly in classrooms and offices alike. While you can write and draw with ease, you can save yourself from chalk dust, which was a big issue during the old chalkboard days.

Because of its diversity, finding the best glass dry erase board is challenging. We know you need one that you can use comfortably, and that’s the reason why we did some research and listed our top picks.

If you’ve gone through the list, we hope you’ve found one already!

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