Top 10 Best Felt Tip Pens Review: Which One Do You Choose?

Remember, on those days at school; all the students were asked to participate in the October function with their creative works. The most amazing part of that function was the artists did not need to carry any extra colors or canvas; they just carried a set of felt tip pens, so it was all mess free!

Here, the term felt tip pen has already made you nostalgic. Felt tip pens are pens with quick drying ink, including a felt nib. These pens are also referred to as sketch pens. So, it could be easily understood that these pens would be the perfect pens for the sketchers or artists. Feelings tip pens are highly recommended if you want to be a quick artist. So this writing will suggest some felt tip pens for the artists.

Before buying the best felt tip pens, tip material is the main thing to be considered; some tips are thin and plastic with metal, these are basically for writing purposes, some tips are soft and conical, they are nice for drawing. So the artists must choose this tip pen. Then the other things to be considered like: tip size, ink, resistance, bleeding, feathering for choosing the correct product.

Considering all the things, Amazon Basics Tip Marker Pens are felt the best; they are available in assorted colors, you can use it writing, coding, corrections, and especially for arts. There are also 9 other best felt tip pens to be described in this writing for your creative demands.

What Are Tip Felt Pens?

The tip felt pens are those pens that have ink sources of their own in the tip of the pen; the tips are made of fibers. Simply, the tip felt pens are sign pens or soft tip pens. The lines from these pens are not as thin as the ball pens, but they are very suitable for drawing or sketching. The users especially use these pens for coding, highlighting, or creative projects. Most of the cartoons are being drawn with these pens. People hardly use such pens for writing. But the pens with metal and thin tips are being used as writing instruments. These pens are of various colors, and the pens’ ink is very fast drying and deep. Lee Newman invented felt tip marking pens in 1910. But these pens were started using in professional illustration in 1993.

Top 10 Best Felt Tip Pens Reviews 2024

To make everything convenient, all the products described here are chosen after proper evaluation. You need to read with patience to understand which product fulfills your demands.

Mr. Pen Felt Tip Pens

Mr. Pen- Pens, Felt Tip Pens,...
  • Set Of 6 Felt Tip Pen, Medium Point (0.7mm)
  • Black Color Felt Tip Pens
  • Smear And Fade-Resistant, No Smudging
  • Perfect For Color Coding, Journaling, Memorizing...
  • Draw Smooth, Skip-Free Lines, Bold, And Consistent...

If you are looking for a very consistent pen with lettering, then Mr. Pen- Pen, is the best felt tip pen suggestion for you.

The pens are highly smudging, smear and fade resistant and enable you to deliver clean and fine writing. You will just love this pen.



The pen is a little bit larger than number 2 pencils and smaller than the sharpie type of markers. So it is very comfortable to hold and use.

Ink quality

The ink is permanent and highly qualified. It is water and fade resistant. The consistent ink flow delivers smooth, skip free, clean, bold, and fine lines. You can easily use the pens for color coding, journaling, and textbook or bible writings.


The pen is available in black color and is perfect for writing on journals, notebooks, or textbook writing. The perfect black colored ink makes your writing super visible and readable even on thin paper.


The point is very fine and smooth to deliver smooth, clean, and interruption free writing. The point is just perfect for creating perfect lines and letters. No more, no less!


  • Very suitable for sketching and daily grading.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • Nice Sharp tip 
  • No bleed ink
  • Perfect packaging with 6 pens in a set.


  • It leaks badly sometimes and creates messy situations.
  • No variation in color.

WallDeca Felt Tip Pens

WallDeca Felt Tip Pens, Fine...
2,015 Reviews
WallDeca Felt Tip Pens, Fine...
  • ✅ 8 MULTI-COLORS: Add a blast of colors and fun...
  • ✅ FINE POINT (0.5mm). Durable, fine felt point...
  • ✅ BLEED-FREE. Loaded with water-based ink that's...
  • ✅ MULTIPURPOSE PENS: Teach, create &...

Are you looking for a pen that you can use for multiple purposes? Don’t worry; the Wall Deca Felt Tip Pen is here to serve you. 

It contains 8 different colors in a set and lets you use the color according to criteria. It means each color indicates a particular task. Like: red for script checking, green or blue for highlighting, etc.


Multicolored Pen

It is really fun to have multicolored pens in a set. The collection provides you with different vibrant shades for your doodling, brainstorming, or writing and sets yourself to enjoy.

Tip Point

The fine tip point is 0.5mm and delivers clear, crisp, and interruption free writing. You will be amazed with its fine lining ability and durability.

Water based ink

Water based ink is nontoxic, low odor, acid free, and definitely skin friendly. You can easily apply the pen to any situation anywhere, even on your hands. The pigment is reliable and consistent. It is not harmful to your skin.

Quick drying ink

The ink is fade resistant and never bleeds. Every time you will get clear, neat, and smear free notes. It dries quickly and lets you put your idea spontaneously on the paper to ensure refresh and organized writing for you.

Travel Pouch

Each set includes an exceptional packaging system. It means it is a travel pouch, which lets you carry these pens anywhere.


  • Perfect for note taking, journals, or planning.
  • Useful for any surface like, planners, sketchbooks, notebooks and more!
  • Delivers writing with eloquence.
  • Provides clear and legible drawing.
  • Affordable.


  • A little bit scratchy to write.

Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip...
  • Add a blast of fun to all your writing with 8...
  • Ultra fine felt tip (0.4mm) produces clean and...
  • Water-based ink won’t bleed through paper so...
  • Smear- and fade-resistant, so smudges are...
  • The metal reinforced point prevents tip damage, so...

You are a clumsy writer and put too much pressure on the pens. So most of the time, your tips get broken or damaged. You need an overprotective tipped pen like Paper mate flair felt tip pen.

The tip of this pen is metal reinforced that prevents it from damage. Now it is your turn to put pressure on the tip and test the power.


Bright Colors

The whole set consists of 8 bright colors that add an extra impact on your writing and creativity. You will have fun and never be heartbroken.


The ink is water, smear, and fade resistant and lets you bleed freewriting over papers. You will have neat and clean doodling, notes, and journaling. It never leaks and always produces smudge free and skip free writing.

Overprotective Tip

The tip is protected by metal to prevent damage. You always have the same expression every time, even after using the tip several times. So let’s have a nonstop party!

Ultra-Fine Point

The point is 0.4mm to get you a sharp and precise delivery every time. This ultra-fine tip point makes your writing ultra-fantastic and spices up ultra you.


  • Bright Colors
  • Suitable for note taking and journaling.
  • Truly paper friendly and bleed free ink.
  • It can be used on any type of paper.
  • Dries fast.


  • These are expensive.
  • On plastic, the ink takes a long time to get dry.

30 Colors Felt Tip Pens

Lelix 30 Colors Felt Tip Pens,...
  • VIRANT COLORS: Lelix felt tip pens set has 30...
  • NO-FRAY TIPS: Lelix felt tip pens can do both...
  • UNLIMITED USES: Lelix felt tip pens are ideal for...
  • SMEAR PROOF & FADE RESISTANT: Lelix felt tip pens...

If you are looking for a pen that can give you flexible service in any context, then the Colors Felt Tip Pen with a medium point is the right pen for you.

The pen gets fit at any tasks like journaling, planer coloring, doodling, graphs, tables, drawing lines, equations, note taking, writing. So, you will get amazed at its versatility level and crave for it.


No fray medium tip

The felt tip is 0.7 mm, medium in size, and suitable for detailing and filling. You will get a lifetime better service to feel better.

Collection of Colors

You know Colors felt tip pens offer 30 different colors, which can create bold, vibrant, creative, and eye catchy impressions.


The ink is highly smeared and fade resistant. You just don’t need to worry about being smudged. The qualified pigment lets the ink dry fast to prevent smear and provides you with a silky, smooth user experience.

Multiple Use

You can use these pens for multiple uses like doodling, journaling, note taking, and writing. They are also suitable for teachers and students for graphs, tables, or equations.


  • No bleeding.
  • Safe to use for children and adults.
  • Nontoxic and ador free ink.
  • Washable, especially from clothes.
  • Smooth delivery.


  • A little bit pricey.
  • The colors are not deep.

Paper Mate Tip Pens, Ultra Fine Point

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip...
  • Felt tip delivers precise and expressive lines....
  • Quick-drying, water-based ink prevents smearing....
  • Great for editing documents and papers.
  • Ultra-Fine nylon point. Acid-free. Click-seal cap...
  • Includes 12 black pens.

You are searching for a flexible editing pen to edit papers and documents. Then go and buy Paper mate pens and edit your works.

Its’ ultra-fine guard point with smooth black colored ink provides an authentic experience to get a life extended edition service. You are going to love it for sure.


Quick drying Ink

The no fraying, quick drying, and water resistant ink gets you a life extended service from the pen. The ink rarely smears or bleeds, and the pens are particularly suitable for the left handers. You can even use ink on glossy things.

Ergonomic Grip

The pen contains a comfortable grip that is easy to handle, and the users can control their hands to get precision in writing and drawing. The output is as expected.

Nylon Point

The point is ultra-fine and acid free, which is skin friendly to get you a deliberate use and experience. You can easily get a smear and bleed free writing.

Sealed Cap

The caps are tightly sealed to prevent the ink from drying and save the pen’s life. You will get soothing comfort using the pens.


  • Delivers precise and expressive lines.
  • Suitable for edition.
  • A nice set including 12 pens.
  • Acid free and water based ink.
  • Ink does not bleed over the papers.


  • It does not write fast.
  • The ink is not sun proof.

U Brands Soft Touch Catalina Felt Tip Pens

U Brands Soft Touch Catalina...
1,494 Reviews
U Brands Soft Touch Catalina...
  • Write notes in style with these 6 Fleuri Catalina...
  • Make your mark with perfect precision each time...
  • This set features a smooth and consistent ink...
  • Quick dry, non-bleed, black ink makes it easy to...
  • These bold and colorful pens make it easy for you...

Are you looking for bold and colorful pens that could match your formal outfit and personality? Then you are welcome to buy U Brands Soft Touch Catalina Felt Tip Pens.

The Emerald, Maroon, and purple barrels of the pens give a colorful impression and let you space up your personality according to your mood, outfit, or your company color sometimes. Probably this would be good for your job!


Comfortable Barrel

The colorful barrels of the pens are soft and comfortable to handle. So when you use it, you will get a soft touch. It does not cause any pain to your hand or fingers. You will have happy writing. 


Each set includes 6 pens in a nice soothing packet. The packet has a holder, so you can easily carry and take this with you wherever you go. It is a nice gift to give.


The point is 0.7 mm bold and medium, making your lines precise and perfect every time. The body is durable and metallic, giving an attractive outlook. The pen barrel is soft and colorful, providing comfort in using and style in the outfit.


The flow of the ink is nice and consistent. It is smooth and dries quickly. You will always get neat, clear, and interruption free writing. The ink hardly bleeds and keeps your delivery clean every time.


  • Delivers smooth and organized writing.
  • Bold black ink.
  • Colorful stylish barrel.
  • Creates precise and thin lines.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • The ink dries to a lighter color than the first apply.
  • The ink runs quickly.

Hethrone Black Felt Tip Pens – 12 Set

Hethrone Black Marker - Felt...
756 Reviews
Hethrone Black Marker - Felt...
  • Brush Pens & Fine Tip Pens - Combined flexible...
  • Black Marker Pens - No smudging or bleeding...
  • Smooth Felt Tip Pens- Brush flows nicely and the...
  • Multifunctional Art Pens - Hethrone calligraphy...
  • Sweet Service - If you receive the pen set has...

Are you looking for a pen which can give you two in one service? Then you must go with the choice of Hethrone Black Felt Tip Pens.

The pen has a brush tip on one side and a fine liner tip on the other side so that you can do both writing and coloring with this one single hand gadget. It will let you skip many hassles.


Dual Design

The pen consists of both a brush tip and a liner tip. You can get a clean refilling, coloring with the brush tip, and precise writing service with the liner tip. So you don’t need to change the pen for your different tasks.

Smudge proof pen

The pen hardly smudges or bleeds. You can easily skip messy situations with a hand and a book. The tip is metallic and cladded, preventing the tip from wigging and breaking, bleeding on the paper.

Calligraphy Pen

The dual tip system of the pen enables the users to do amazing calligraphy with perfect lining, coloring, and refiling.

Packing System

Each set contains 12 dual tip pens and has been packed with a transparent storage bag. It is really easy to carry. You can take it everywhere and do your artwork or note taking with spontaneity.


The pen fits every work like journaling, planner, note taking, hand lettering, writing, sketching, artworks, or coloring small freaky patterns.


  •  Suitable for every kind of work.
  • Two in one service.
  • The triangular barrel is easy to hold.
  • Quick drying ink
  • Suitable for double sided coloring books.


  • Ink bleeds with water.
  • Does not provide dark ink color.

Paper Mate Tip Pens, Medium Point (0.7mm), 36 Count

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip...
  • Bold black color adds a blast of fun to all your...
  • Medium Point felt tip (0.7mm) produces bold,...
  • Smear- and fade-resistant, so smudges are...
  • Water-based ink won’t bleed through paper so...
  • The point guard prevents the tip from fraying, so...

You are searching for a fine medium point for your writing, then the Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pen with 0.7mm Medium Point is the perfect pen for you.

The quality of black ink is so good that it enables you to have bold, expressive, and flawless writing and make your task aesthetically successful.


Point Guard

A guard protects the point to prevent the tip from fraying and getting damaged. You can put pressure as much as possible but get a nonstop writing experience. You can either write or draw flawlessly. The main concern of this pen is all about flawlessness.

Smudge Resistant

The ink is flawlessly smeared, fade and smudge resistant, and has remained history. You can choose this pen without any doubt to get interruption free writing. So let your party mood be on!

Bold Color

The black color ink is bold and bright. You will have boastful writing, journaling, and Hand lettering. The ink delivery is very smooth and deliberate, so you will have fun using it.

Multiple apply

This pen provides you bleed free writing and gives you suitable service for doodling, journaling, note taking, or writing. Most importantly, you will get a neat and clean delivery every time.


  • Over protective tip. Prevents fraying
  • Smooth handwriting.
  • Bleed free ink.
  • Hardly get damaged.
  • Medium tip produces expressive marks.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Ink dries up quickly.

Amazon Basics Tip Marker Pens

Amazon Basics Felt Tip Marker...
31,223 Reviews
Amazon Basics Felt Tip Marker...
  • Set of 12 felt tip marker pens in a variety of...
  • High pigment, smear-resistant, water-based ink
  • Great for art projects, corrections or color...
  • Featuring a no-fray felt tip in medium width for...
  • Durable plastic exterior with matching cap and...

Are you looking for a suitable marker pen to spice up your artistic talent, then go with Amazon Basic Felt tip Markers Pens?

The high pigmentation and variety of color shades will provide you with an amazing experience with arts and coloring. These pens are hugely used in art projects. So. Get these pens to color up your arts; hurry up!


Variety of Colors

You will get 12 different colors in a set. Here are the color shades like: red, orange, blue, green, grey, pink, magenta, brown, etc. Just pop up your imagination with these colors and make a beautiful combination!

Quality of Ink

The ink consists of highly qualified pigment, waterproof, and smear resistant tendency. So, such high quality ink provides you with highly qualified drawing or coloring without any kind of smudging and bleeding.

Drawing Pen

These pens are especially suitable for drawing, art projects, corrections, and color coding notes. The bright colors make things very visible, charismatic, and expressive. You must have these drawing pens if you have an interest in drawing.

Design of the Pen

The tip features a no fraying ability in medium width size, which makes it suitable for detailing and filling. The clip is metallic, and the whole body is designed with durable plastic with a matching cap on the top. So it is a well-designed pen. 


  • Reasonable Price.
  • Highly qualified ink.
  • The plastic body of the pen is skin friendly.
  • Creates fine lines for correction and colorful coding.
  • Best for arts 


  • Not suitable for writing.

Sharpie Felt Tip Pens

SHARPIE Felt Tip Pens, Fine...
  • Color-full, brilliant shades ignite...
  • Ink won't bleed through paper and is acid-free and...
  • Quick-drying ink is both water- and...
  • Fine point and slim, contoured design for...
  • Includes: 12 black Sharpie fine point pens

You are going through a severe allergy problem, so you need a skin-friendly and acid-free pen. In this case, Sharpie Felt Tip Pen is the correct choice for you because it is both acid free and climate pledge friendly.

The ink of this pen is highly fade, and water resistant certified by AP and contributes to your healthy and high quality writing. You will just love this pen for sure.


An amazing writing experience

The ink is highly skin friendly, nontoxic, water and smudge resistant to let you enjoy an amazing, bleed free, and long lasting writing experience.

Range of Tip sizes

A range of tip sizes is available to provide you with precise and balanced writing.  You can choose different tips according to your writing consistency and criteria.

Slim Point

The point is slim and fine to provide proper sorted writing. These pens are pretty effortless in the case of detailing and controlling. You will have a definite fine journey with this pen.

Smear and Fade resistance

Such smear and fade resistant ink provides neat and clean work every time. You can easily get an effective journaling and scrapbooking experience with long lasting and eco-friendly ink. May your works live long!.


  • The bold bright black ink provokes a thoughtful message.
  • Fast drying ink with water and fade resistance.
  • Durable tips.
  • No bleeding and mess free delivery.
  • Climate pledge friendly.


  • Ink gets dry too fast inside the nib.

Best Felt Tip Pens Buying Guide

There are several things to be considered before buying a felt tip pen. Such as:

Best Felt Tip Pens

Tip Materials

Tip material is the most basic thing for a felt tip pen. Different kinds of materials can be used in making tips. Some tips are made of plastic, some are made of soft fiber or brush, and some tips are a mixture of metal and plastic. These things should be checked before buying a pen.

Tip Size

Different sizes of tips are available in the market. You just need to choose the correct size according to your use and criteria.


Ink is the most important thing to be considered before buying any kind of pen. If the ink quality is poor, your shopping is all about waste. You must test the ink on paper by drawing a few lines before buying any pen.


You must check the pen cap to understand how tight it is. A tightly sealed cap is very effective in avoiding a messy situation. So it is quite an important thing to be considered.


You may apply the pen’s ink on your hand to understand whether the pen is waterproof, oil proof, or fade proof. If the ink does not smudge on your hand, it is quite resistant, so you can easily apply it in any situation. If it smudges, then you have re- think before buying it.

Body Material

This is very important to be considered. You must check the material type of the pen. Some soft barreled pens are very comfortable to hold. Some pens are made of hard metal that causes pain in your fingers. Try to avoid such pens.

Collection of Colors

If you want to buy pens for art projects, you must check the color collections of the pen. Some pens offer different shades; some pens offer only black shades. So you must check out the matter before buying any pen.

How to Draw With Felt Tip Pens?

Best Felt Tip Pens

Felt tip pens are versatile for use. You can do so many things using felt tip pens. Now it is time to know how to draw with felt tip pens. 

  1. You have to set up for a drawing:  Before starting drawing with felt tip pens, you can set up a drawing context using pencils. It is called shadowing. You can first apply a pencil to draw your picture and then apply the felt tip pen. When the drawing will be completed, just erase the pencil sketch.
  2. Putting some application method: There are some methods to apply felt tip pens to paper. Such as: Cross hatching: Drawing cross lines to add texture to your drawing. Sweeping: this is the technique to apply while coloring up your drawing with felt pens. And finally dotting: You may put dots on your paper to build the setting of your main picture, then match up all the dots, this method may add illusion to your drawing.
  3. Coloring up: You may use coloring pens for the  drawing. For example: You can use red color to draw a flower, green to draw leaves, blue for sky etc.

You can draw well with the felt tip pens by following the above methods.

How to Revive Felt Tip Pens?

You can revive felt tip pens with these several things, such as glass, water, scissors, tweezers, paper towels, scrap papers.

Now let’s know how to revive a felt tip pen when the ink dries out: 

Step-1: You have to use tweezers to pull out the cap from the pen case.

Step-2: Then you need a glass of water.

Step-3: You have to remove the felt rob that contains the colored ink.

Step-4: Fix the rob into the glass of water.

Step-5: Pull out the rob from water with tweezers, then put it on the paper towel. Dry out the outside of the ink rob.

Step-6: Dive the felt tip into the water for 30 seconds and pull it up, then settle the ink rob into the pen case and the tip to the place to test the ink on the scrap paper to get them dried out ink flowing again.

This is how you can revive a felt tip pen.


Best Felt Tip Pens

What are Felt Tip Pens Good for?

The felt tip pens are good for color coding and labeling. These pens consist of bright colors, so they provide colorful coding files and bold labels. If you choose a medium tip pen, they are also good for art projects.

Is a Felt Tip Pen a Marker?

No, the felt tip pen is not a marker. There is a basic difference between the marker and tip pen. They are not the same. But they both have their ink source with fibered nibs.

What’s the Difference Between Felt Tip and Ballpoint?

The main difference between the felt tip and ballpoint is ink flow. The ink directly comes from the nib on paper in felt tip pens. But in ballpoint, the ink does not come directly from the nib; a metal surrounds the ball.

What Ink is in a Felt Tip Pen?

Pigment dues, Acid blue 9, Acid yellow, these sorts of ink are provided in the felt tip pens.


Now that you know about different kinds of felt tip pens, their color collection, design, material, key features, pros, and cons.

Hopefully, you have a clearer idea about the best felt tip pens, and now you can easily choose a suitable pen for your specific criteria. All these pens serve different types of purposes. Now you have to find out the exact pen for yourself.

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