How to Make a Coin Sorter? Top Full Guide 2022

It is always a good idea to have a money sorter in your home, as it can help you keep track of your spending. A coin sorter is a great way to do this, and it is straightforward to make one yourself. All you need is a few materials and some basic instructions. Here are some tips on how to make a coin sorter.

How to Make a Cardboard Coin Sorter

How to Make a Cardboard Coin Sorter

Step 1: Tools and Components

These are the sizes of cardboard.

  • 27cm x20cm – 1 [for back portion]
  • 27cmx5.5cm – 1 [for top portion]
  • 27cmx12cm – 2 [for base and front top portions]
  • 12cmx20cm – 2 [for side]
  • 12cm x 8cm – 2 [ for coins container separator at base]
  • 25cmx5cm – 1 [for coins separator]
  • 25cmx2.5cm – 1 [for sides support for coin separator]
  • 27cmx5cm – 1 [for front bottom]


  • Ruler
  • Cardboard cutter
  • Marker
  • Banggood – Glue gun and tape

You should watch the video at the end of each step before you start building to make sure you understand all subsequent steps.

Mark the coin perimeter with 25cm x5cm of cardboard. Separate by frequent distance.

As shown in the image, draw the lines above the markings so that the top and bottom edges of the marks are cut by 2mm.

Follow the markings and cut according to them.

Use glue to fix the 25cm x2.5cm pieces of cardboard together.

Step 3: Part 1 – Making of the Body

Side pieces can be cut from 20cm by 12cm cardboard.

Attach the base measuring 27cm by 12cm and attach the back portion measuring 27cm by 20cm.

As shown in the image, attach the sides to the base and back portions.

Base container separators 12cm x8cm should be attached to the base.

Step 4: Making of Body Part 2

Adjust the coin separator tilt so that dropped coins slide. See the video below.

Fix the front top with 27cmx12cm

Fix the front bottom with 27cmx5cm

Cut in 27cm x 5.5cm for the top portion so that the coin dropped must slide.

It’s done, guys.

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Complete Construction and Testing

Executable Ideas on DIY Coin Sorter at Home

Simplest DIY Coin Sorter

1. Simplest DIY Coin Sorter

You can sort the coins accumulated in the jar by spending some time on this DIY project. This guide makes it easy to create a simple sorter that is efficient within your budget. You can make further improvements by making additional modifications.

The whole plan can be executed in five steps: materials, measurement and ramping, attachment, shield, attachment, and shield. The assembly involves putting together the cardboards using a sheet of plastic.

The implementation is illustrated in several photos for steps 1 through 4. The final step is simply a video, which provides a finishing touch. The job can be explained in more detail throughout the article.

2. Cardboard Sorting Machine

Before you glue the pieces together, measure the cardboard pieces. This video will show you how to make a simple, elegant, practical, and effective sorter in just minutes.

Three distinct parts can hold different coins based on the coin’s diameter. You can also expand the entire assembly to sort more coins of various sizes.

3. Automated Coin Sorter

You can impress your friends and family by creating something mature. This article will show you how to create complex mechanisms. The best part is that you can sort all kinds of coins without messing.

You don’t have to do anything but follow the time-lapse video demonstration. Although it will require some expertise, it is possible to give it a go. The entire DIY project should be explained in simple terms.

4. Coin Sorting Machine

The sorter’s elegant appeal is enhanced by its simplicity. From the start to its use, it’s one automatic sorter.

Attach the cardboard pieces and cut them into exact shapes. The video presentation is straightforward.

5. Automated Coin Sorting

One showpiece begins with a detailed demonstration of a practical sorting device. You can also skip some weaker, cheaper cardboard to preserve its durability. The video uses a combination of chipboard and plywood.

There are delicate measures to be taken before the implementation. To avoid making mistakes while marking the points, you need to be careful.

It is easy to adapt to the work process. To achieve the desired result, you will need to dedicate time. You will be able to stay engaged with simple background music and no words about the project.

6. Household Coin Sorter

A familiar gravitational pull will sort out the coins. This article focuses on the factors that must be considered to ensure a satisfactory outcome. The project uses cardboard and wooden pieces to reduce cost and time.

The video is integrated with background commentary to reveal the working mechanism. You’ll still find all the details, including key facts, in the explained words. Learn the pros and cons of making complete cardboard or wooden sorter.

Video: how to make a wooden coin sorter at home

7. Self-Sorting Coin Bank

Most coin-sorting machines are simple in appearance and only perform the basics. You should make an impressive assembly to arrange an order. To handle the intensity of implementation with ease, the tutorial requires cardboard.

The entire process is explained in adaptable segments by 19 steps. You don’t have to abandon this process, despite its time requirements.

Each step has an explanation word that clarifies the entire portion. You can also attach several pictures to show the project. The 19th step includes a video to explain all of your doubts.

8. Lego Coin Sorter

You can save time by stacking the fun Legos. This project allows you to sort the coins collected in style, elegance and simplicity.

Although the idea is the same, the machine uses different materials. To activate the sorter, you need to arrange the gadget in an orderly.

9. Automated Coin Sorting

You can add some extra features to enhance the design and relevance of your cardboard sorter. Although the assembly is easy, it will take patience.

You won’t be distracted by any other words during the detailed implantation. For any homeowner passionate about implantation, paying attention once to the tutorial should suffice.

Integrating a battery allows the process to be automated, sorting coins automatically. The video keeps the demonstration simple, which only requires the cash at the top.

10. Arduino-Based Machine

You can combine modern technology with simple tricks to create an analogous sorting machine. All you need is a budget to buy some additional electronics. This final product will allow you to create a functional, beautiful and advanced DIY project.

The three steps are explained below to create the basic mainframe. The virtual diagram is also included in the illustrated images.

You can also activate the machine using the programed Arduino command. Follow the instructions in this article. The video demonstration at the end will help you understand everything.

How to Make a Coin Sorter? Conclusion

A coin sorter is a device that sorts coins by denomination. There are many different types of coin sorters. Still, they all operate on the same basic principle: coins are fed into the sorter, and then they are sorted into separate compartments based on their denomination. Coin sorters can be very helpful for people who collect coins, as they can help keep the collection organized. Manymoon hopes that ou guide was help full for you.

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