How to Load a Stapler? Top Full Guide 2022

Loading a stapler is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. Whether you’re packing a new stapler or reloading an old one, in the same process, all you need is a stack of staples and a little bit of time. Keep reading this article; Manymoon will show you How to Load a Stapler? and other tips.

How to Load a Stapler?

How to Load the Stapler

1. Top Loading Tappers

Our desktop staplers can be top-loaded – the top slides back to allow staple loading.

Keep your stapler in place by holding the bottom of it firmly. Then, pull the stapler’s top back to the staple magazine’s area. Our staplers have a safety lock-back function that holds the top in place.

Place the staples strip, point down, in the staple channel. Close the top of your stapler, and the magazine will return to its original position. You’ll hear a click.

Front Loading Staplers

2. Front Loading Staplers

Some of our staplers are front-loaded, such as the Rapesco Zero 01 and our Heavy Duty range.

To load these staplers, press the button at the back of the stapler.

Place the staples in the magazine and slide it home.

Your stapler is now ready for action.

Bottom Loading Staplers Tackers

3. Bottom Loading Staplers / Tackers

Hand tackers are loaded from the bottom of your tool. This allows for quick, simple loading.

Turn the tacker upside-down and release the button to open the magazine at the rear.

Place the staple strip upwards and carefully close the magazine until it locks in place.

Rear Loading Staplers Pliers

4. Rear Loading Staplers / Pliers

Rear loading is available for traditional stapling tools such as the Rapesco Porpoise and our new SP-64.

You can load these plier staplers by removing the magazine pusher and pressing in.

Slide the staples across the staple channel, with the legs down, into the chamber.

Press the spring back into place by carefully reinserting the magazine pusher.

5. How to Load a Spring-powered Stapler

This is something you’ve probably already known if you’ve ever used a stapler. This is one of the most popular staplers, and loading the pin is easy.

The stapling magazine will usually be at the bottom. To open the magazine, you will need to remove the stapler’s top layer.

You will notice that the top layer of the stapler is joined with the bottom layer.

The spring moves with you as you move the top layers back and forth. You will need to remove the top layer and secure the spring.

Place the staples into the channel. The pin will be securely secured once the spring is released. Test stapling by closing the top layer.

6. How to Load a Bostitch Stapler

How to Load a Bostitch Stapler

Standard Sized Stapler Basics

How to load a Bostitch standard or compact stapler? Grab the top arm of your stapler that is located over the metal tray. Bostitch’s instructions say to hold the bottom of the stapler down with one hand.

Pull the arm up to open the hinge that holds the arm over the tray. Pull the arm up until the hinge tension is released and the tray is exposed.

Use compressed air to blow any leftover staples and debris from the tray. Staple fragments can cause jams during future use.

Take a sleeve containing staples out of the box. Place the sleeve in the tray, with the pointed ends facing down. The sleeve should be pushed to the front of your tray.

Grab the arm and place it over the tray. You will feel the tension in the hinge returning as you move the arm down. To make a test staple, push down on the arm.

Now the stapler should be loaded and ready to use. Before you start using the stapler on a project, it is worth testing it on scrap paper.

Basics for Heavy Duty Tappers

To learn how to staple staples into a staple gun or heavy-duty office stapler, you need to locate the following block release clip at the rear of your Bostitch stamper.

The next block is the rod mechanism that pushes staples towards the tray’s front. The block is typically found in the cradle under the stapler’s arms. This clip should be made while you simultaneously pull the block out from the stapler’s arm and the carrying tray. The carrying tray will become visible once the block is removed.

It would help if you inspected the tray for debris and broken staples. To ensure no residue is left, blow several times with compressed air.

Placing a heavy-duty staple sleeve in the tray with prongs facing down is a good idea. Most Bostitch models will have a visual aid printed near or on the tray to assist with loading.

Place the following block in its cradle and press the top down until the spring starts to compress. Continue pressing down on the block until the block fits into the cradle completely and clicks in place. To make a test staple, push down on the stapler’s arm.

How to Load a Staple Gun

How to Load a Staple Gun

Step 1 – Staple Gun Loading Step

The T50, like many Arrow staple guns, has a rear-loading magazine. To remove the pusher, press down and in. Then, altogether remove it from your tool.

Staple Gun 2 Loading Step

Next, grab a new strip of Arrow T50 staples. Place the staple strip on the open guide rail. Next, slide the staple strip onto the available guide rail.

Step 3: Staple Gun Looking Step

Once it is locked, push the pusher back onto the guide rail. It will lock. This is how to load a stapler gun. Now you know how to load a heavy-duty stapler.

Safety Tips and Thoughts

Loading a stapler should not be difficult once you are familiar with how your stapler works. When changing staples, be safe and keep your children away. Avoid injury by not placing your hand under the stapler’s arm.

A jammed stapler, or you suspect might be jammed, should never be used. Bostitch says that you can remove staples from some models by opening the magazine.

When purchasing replacement staples, you should ensure that you choose the correct gauge for your Bostitch stapler. You might have to remove the staples from the stapler if they are too large. However, if the staples are too small, loading them might not be easy.

How to Use A Tapler

How to Use A Tapler?

Although loading a stapler machine can be complicated, stapling is simple. You should do some things regardless of whether you use an electric, manual, or automated stapler.

Because many people don’t know how to use a stapler, I want to stress that.

You will notice that papers aren’t correctly organized, writing is covered up, stapling doesn’t secure, and many other problems.

It’s not the only problem for amateur users, I assure you. Everyone can make mistakes.

Here are some key points to remember when using a stapler.

Get your stapling machine ready

Preparing your machine is essential to staple. Follow these steps to do this:

  • Use the correct pin size to load your stapler
  • If the stapler machine comes out with one pin, you can test it.

Get the papers together:

  • You will now need to gather all the papers you wish to staple. These are some things that you should ensure.
  • You can arrange the paper according to your needs.
  • Verify that all papers in the stack are parallel.

Place the paper edge in the stapling mark

Next, target the left edge on the paper at the mouth of the stapling machine. The sign that will indicate where the stapling will take place is usually included with the device.

While stapling, make sure that you do not cover any important information.

Push down the stapler

Press the staple head down once your paper is ready and you’re certain you need to staple them. If your staple machine has a manual operation, this process will work.

Make sure you plug in your electric device if it is an electronic device. You will hear a clicking sound when you tap.

Check stapling quality

Take out the stapler and verify that the pin is securely fastened to the paper. Consider that the pin may not be able to attach appropriately if the stack of paper is too thick. It is better to adjust the size of the stapler machine for the paper stack.

How to Load a Paperpro One Finger Stapler? Conclusion

These are the primary way to load a stapler; we also listed tips to help you. What do you think of this article and how to load a paperpro stapler? Please leave them in the comment section below if you have some additional tips. And we hope that our guide was helpful for you.

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