Daily Vs Weekly Planner 2022: Which Planner is Right for You?

If you’re looking to get your life together and be more organized, a planner is a great place to start. But with so many different types and styles of planners out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Do you need a daily or weekly planner? Daily Vs Weekly Planner, What kind of features do you want? Here’s a guide to help you choose the right planner for you.

Weekly Planner

My entire life, I have used weekly planners. Why did I choose the weekly planner over the daily? It was because I had a Monday-Friday job in my past life. For me, it was convenient to see my entire week’s appointments and meetings at once.

simplified planner weekly vs daily Weekly Planner

This became a routine for me. Each year, I search for an inspirational and exceptional weekly planner. Most of the time I was disappointed because I couldn’t find it.

I started the inchiostro paper: to create a planner that wasn’t yet available.

Because I am both an entrepreneur and a freelancer, my weekends are no longer regular. I may be on the beach, exploring new things, or working on Saturdays.


It is easy to see all the tasks that need to be done in a week.

This is an excellent option if you have many things to do and need to plan around them. Work hours and extra-curricular activities for kids

Ideal if you’re managing multiple people’s schedules

These are usually large, from A5 to full-page size. They are great for people with big handwriting who like to have lots of white space while planning (e.g., When making a list, make sure to use every second line.

A weekly planner can be all you need if you look for a complete solution. Most weekly planners include goal setting, scheduling, and meal planning.

Many planners have basic layouts. You can customize them to make your layout with planner stamps, sidebar stickers, and planner stamps.

If you have any projects or things to plan, a weekly planner is better. You can see all of them at once. I use weekly planners to plan my day around my Etsy shop.

These tend to be larger than the main bar, making it easier to track habits and save space.

A daily planner is more expensive than this one. Some daily planners won’t last a year. A weekly planner is usually cheaper than buying 2 or 4 daily planners (or even 4, if they are quarterly planners).


There are so many layouts available; it can be challenging to decide which one to choose.

If you love to plan your day in detail, there will be a lot of space. You’ll need to use a sticky note in another section or add notes pages.

You will usually find a pocket folder included in the package. This is great for random stuff storage, provided you empty your pockets frequently.

weekly vs daily refill planner Daily Planners

Daily Planners

You should know how to use daily planners to be time-efficient and work better.


Daily planners have plenty of space to write, so there’s no need to stuff things in.

A daily planner is the best choice for someone who needs lots of space to record every detail and keep track.
Large handwriting is a sign of a firm hand.

Planning is usually not required to start planning whenever you want.

These are smaller and more easily carried in your handbag, which is excellent for those who are always on the move.


It is easier to get lost in the details of each day than it would be if you planned by week.

You may feel overwhelmed by the extra space you have to write each day and find yourself writing more than you should. This can lead to overwriting and a decrease in productivity.

The layout of these documents is similar – a schedule, usually by the hour, with a checklist and notes section. Usually, there’s a reflection space or space for meal planning.

You will need seven pages to plan your week.

Some planners don’t have enough space for every day. Others combine weekends onto one page.

Because you have more pages, they can become bulky.

Planning can become more costly if you have 6 monthly planners. You may need to purchase multiple planners to last a year.

If you don’t have enough pages to last 6 months, you will need to keep a notepad or sticky note handy.

Most stickers are made for weekly planner layouts, except icon stickers. If you’re interested in sticker decorating (or decorating your planning), a weekly planner layout might be a better fit.

They are usually glue/book bound. I wouldn’t say I like those books because you have to hold the page open with one-handed hand while you write with the other.

You don’t usually have enough space to write a weekly routine or task list. So you might schedule something but not finish it. This means you take longer to plan as you have to rewrite things.

These planners are often very well-organized, so you won’t have much room for adding extra sections. You can cover any section titles you don’t need and add a hydrate tracking sticker or meal planning sticker.

You can feel wasteful if you don’t eat enough during the day.

So How Do You Decide Which Planner Is Right for You

So How Do You Decide Which Planner Is Right for You?

This quiz will help you determine whether a Weekly Vs Daily Planner is right for your needs.

If you are looking for a daily planner, a daily planner may be the right choice.

  • Your days are busy with many appointments, tasks, and meetings.
  • You love to plan your day.
  • You love to time-block your days.
  • Tracking meals, hydration and other habits are essential!
  • You love to write down everything – notes and to-dos.
  • Your handwriting is large.
  • All over your desk are sticky notes and scraps of paper.
  • It doesn’t matter how big the planner is, as long as you love the space!

If you are looking for a weekly planner, a weekly planner may be the right choice.

  • A daily routine is something you do every day.
  • It is nice to have a complete view of your week.
  • You will need to keep track of appointments and meetings.
  • You can manage multiple people’s schedules – either your children, a partner, or other loved ones.
  • Projects are worked on for several days or weeks.
  • It’s not your thing to flip back and forth between pages all week.
  • Write only what is necessary. Keep your task and to-do list to the essentials.
  • A lightweight, portable planner is essential.
  • A weekly planner can help you plan and manage multiple projects and schedules over time. A daily planner helps keep track of all details, manage your time, and write down routines and tasks.

Daily Planner Vs Weekly Planner: FAQs

Daily Planner Vs Weekly Planner FAQs

Do Successful People Use a Planner?

Planners are a standard tool used by successful people. Planners are used by some of today’s most successful business people to help them organize and reach their goals. This time-tested method can help you get organized, even if you are not a CEO or billionaire.

How Do You Use a Weekly Planner Effectively?

A weekly planner will only be helpful if you fill it with things that help you achieve your goals. The weekly planner should be used as a planning tool, not a calendar or to-do list.

It helps record appointments and events. However, it should be used to help you focus on what must be done instead of when. You should fill your week with activities and tasks so that nothing gets left behind!

What Should Be Included in a Weekly Planner?

The contents of weekly planners will differ depending on which type you have. Most planners include weekly grids that allow for space for each day and different sections such as notes or events.

If used correctly, weekly planners can be great tools. However, they are only helpful if you fill them up with relevant items to your life.

Is a Bullet Journal or Planner Better?

Both planners and bullet journals can be helpful tools if you know how to use them. Filling your planner or bullet journal with the right things will be more effective.

A bullet journal or planner is not just about writing down to-do list items. Instead, it’s about creating schedules and organizing tasks to ensure nothing gets lost.

Weekly Planner Vs Daily Planner: Conclusion

There is no right or wrong answer when choosing between a daily and weekly planner. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and what works best for your lifestyle. If you thrive on routine and like having a detailed plan for each day, then a daily planner is probably a good fit.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more flexible approach and don’t mind planning out your week in broad strokes, then a weekly planner might be a better option.

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