Top 10 Best HP All in One Printer Reviews: How To Choose Suitable One?

Usually, students and office workers face random troubles regarding printers if they tend to be mediocre. But if a commendable printer like HP printer comes to our acquisition, our printings become more genuine than before. Comparatively, the best hp all in one printer would be a cherry on top for us.

Indeed, good-quality HP printers are not so easy to find. For this reason, many consumers make mistakes in choosing the right printer for them. So if you pick a hp printer, make sure it has ample reliability. 

Yet, there are many more to consider while buying an HP Printer. Since the newbies cannot figure out the perfect product, I have prescribed here some top-leading products. You will surely get your preferable one by going through all these printers.

Top 10 Best HP All in One Printer Reviews 2023

HP DeskJet 2755 Wireless All-in-One Printer

HP DeskJet 2755 Wireless...
  • All-in-one performance: Complete projects with...
  • Ink delivered to your home: get your first 4...
  • Mobile setup with required HP Smart app: Fast and...
  • Worry-free wireless: Get better range and more...
  • Print and scan on-the-go: Print, scan, and copy...

Now and then, anyone can gather all their essentials in just one device. And to catch that facility, I would recommend HP DeskJet 2755 Wireless Printer. So far, this printer has been prevailing smooth printings, which confines versatility all the way around. And the best thing is, HP Designjet Wireless Printer does not cost much though it keeps maintaining its quality. Simultaneously, DeskJet breezes through projects ideal for copying and scanning from home.

Key Features


Just like its performance, HP Designjet All-in-one printer has an all-in-one performance too. Since this 2755 Wireless printer is made with recycled plastic, you will not find any difficulties regarding its robustness. Undoubtedly, it can be easily be handled. This DeskJet printer allows us to print from anywhere since.

Set up

Anyone can use the HP Smart app smoothly to use the HP DeskJet 2755 printer. With the help of a setup guide in this item, it will be simpler for us to be ready for copying and scanning without any hindrances. Also, remember to connect WiFi and share your inkjet printer with other devices. 


Specifically, the HP Wireless printer gains USB connectivity. So if you connect this printer with your computer, getting fast prints will not be hard. Indeed, office workers can share documents with different software, like – Google Drive and Dropbox. Similarly, make sure to use the HP Smart app as well.


Because of having the facility of working in a wireless connection, HP resolves our huge bulk of problems. Again, it uses self-reset and dual-band WiFi to give worry-free printings every time.


  • Accumulates all essentials in one device
  • Maintains versatility every time
  • Makes copying and scanning simpler
  • Robust than any other printers
  • Works on documents swiftly 


  • Not best for professional works

HP ENVY All-in-One Photo Printer

HP ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One...
  • Stunning photos for less than 5 cents – Features...
  • The power of your printer in the palm of your hand...
  • Ink delivered to your home: get your first 2...
  • Wireless connectivity you can count on –...
  • Our most powerful printing app ever – The HP...

HP ENVY All-in-One Photo Printer is a famous product for its stunning quality. Within 5 cents, the HP printer does not leave any stone unturned to maintain authenticity in every print. Well, in the HP Envy printer, you will get some amazing features. Such as copying, scanning, printing, wireless and borderless printing, and many more. On the other hand, ENVY works well with its HP Instant Ink to ensure a good texture among all photos.

Key Features


Handling HP ENVY Photo Printer would be a cakewalk for anyone. The reason is HP ENVY offers enough suitability when it comes to mobile printing. Likewise, all devices are compatible with Envy’s printer, i.e., Android, iPhone, etc. Moreover, you will not need any network to print from this printer if you go through the source of Wireless Direct Printing.

Connectivity and lightning 

Unless we get reliable connectivity from our printer, there is no point in having it. But if you acquire an HP printer, there will be hardly any problem regarding connectivity or lightning. In the same way, Envy Photo Printer is simple to set up by connecting a Bluetooth Smart and dual-band WiFi. 

Printing app

The only thing that brings out the best in HP Envy Printer is its HP Smart App. Nevertheless, HP Smart App is a great alternative to easily setting up an HP Envy printer. Accordingly, this app will help you print documents from the cloud, social media, Google Drive, and so on.


No doubt, HP ENVY Printer supports a wide range of paper sizes. Like- 5 × 7 in, 4 × 6 in, and 4 × 5 in.


  • Ensures a stunning quality 
  • Maintains authenticity in every print
  • Allows an easy setup
  • Smooth Enough in terms of connectivity 
  • Supports different paper sizes


  • Its cartridge life is disappointing sometimes

HP DeskJet Plus 4155 All-in-One Printer

HP DeskJet Plus 4155 Wireless...
  • Simple multitasking for home: Print, scan, and...
  • Ink delivered to your home: get your first 4...
  • Mobile setup with required HP Smart app: Fast and...
  • Worry-free wireless: Get better range and more...
  • Print and scan on-the-go: Print, scan, and copy...

Now and then, HP DeskJet Plus is not less than the best hp all in one printer. Besides, DeskJet Plus 4155 printer conveys superior features in terms of multitasking. Thus, copying, scanning, and printing from home will become smoother if you have this HP Plus 4155 All-in-one printer. There is an intuitive control panel in DeskJet 4155 printer. All your data will show more clearly.

Key Features

Recycled plastic

One of the best things about the HP DeskJet Printer is that it is made from recycled plastic. Therefore, sustainability in this product would be inevitable all time.

Reliable connection 

Anyone can rely on HP Plus Printer without being worried since it has an amazing connection. Just use a self-reset and dual-band WiFi to get perfect connectivity while printing your documents. 

HP Smart App

HP DeskJet Plus has become more accessible to users through the HP Smart App. Furthermore, DeskJet 4155 offers on-the-go scanning and printing. Again, anyone can print virtually anywhere if they have a superb printer like HP DeskJet. Just take your smartphone and see how easily it adapts with this printer. 

Automatic document feeder

All in all, HP Plus breezes through different jobs like copying and scanning. And this outstanding feature is apparent from this printer’s 35-page automatic document feeder.


HP DeskJet Plus will last for 1 year with a limited hardware warranty. Moreover, consumers will get free Web Support every day a week.


  • A great product for multitasking 
  • Allows smoother copying, scanning, and printing 
  • Sustainability is inevitable here
  • Goes well with Android and iPhones 
  • Has a limited warranty of 1 year


  • Set up is difficult 
  • Requires excessive amount of inks

HP ENVY 7855 All in One Photo Printer

HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One...
  • Stunning photos for less than 5 cents – Features...
  • The power of your printer in the palm of your hand...
  • Wireless connectivity you can count on –...
  • Our most powerful printing app ever – The HP...
  • HP Instant Ink: Ink delivery service starting at...

Those who love to travel and share photos can give a shot to HP ENVY 7855 Photo Printer. Yet, this printer is always first in providing stunning photos. Again, HP Envy requires less than 5 cents to give true-to-life photos. While looking for the features, you will find effortless copying, scanning, faxing, etc. Nonetheless, HP 7855 digitizes documents quickly because of having an automatic document feeder. Additionally, the SD card slot of ENVY 7855 guarantees increased storage throughout the journey of experiencing it.

Key Features

Wireless connectivity 

Wireless connectivity helps us when getting a reliable connection from an HP printer. In addition, a fast setup becomes possible with the help of Bluetooth Smart and dual-band WiFi in this HP 7855 printer. In contrast, Envy’s product offers Ethernet capability, suitable for wired networking.


Like any first-rated HP printer, HP Envy Printer also provides powerful printing. For now, the HP Smart App confers an easy setup that helps to scan documents perfectly. Alongside, HP’s All-in-one printer prevails realistic prints from social media and other sources like- Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.


For the time being, ENVY 7855 gives a lot of conveniences. It prints directly from a USB or SD card if you see it. Sequentially, you can edit, view, and print your huge bulk of documents within very little time.


For instance, HP Envy supports a wide range of paper sizes. They are- 5 × 7 in, 4 × 6 in, and 4 × 5 in. So if you are worried about page sizes, HP 7855 will give you adequate options on that.


  • Gives stunning photos and prints
  • Requires less than 5 cents to give true-to-life prints
  • Digitizes documents quickly 
  • Does editing, viewing, and printing in a less time
  • Has adequate options of paper size


  • Ink cartridge is not so good in quality

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015...
  • Upgrade your office – Replacing the OfficeJet...
  • Organize documents 50% faster – Eliminate steps...
  • Genuine HP 962 ink delivered to your home: get...
  • Print remotely using HP Smart app: Access your...
  • Self-healing Wi-fi: Ensures you stay connected by...

To be sure, students and other home users can now increase their productivity with HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 Wireless Printer. OfficeJet Pro meets all essential printing and scanning needs as a revolutionary inkjet printer. 

Here, a Smart Task, HP Pro 9015, features incredible slide-off glass, which plays a great role in saving time. Well, all thanks to its self-healing WiFi. Because of it, consumers do not face any interruptions and will find enough privacy throughout their utilization. Furthermore, OfficeJet Pro 9015 has security that tends to be the best in class.

Key Features

Fast printing

In particular, HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 replaces HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 instead of fast printing. Consequently, this HP 9015 delivers 22 pages in only 1 minute and does all copying and scanning with a 2 sided automatic feeder. Again, OfficeJet 9015’s automatic document feeder associates in 35 pages, 37% smaller than other printers.


Unless we find ease in a printer, there is no point in acquiring it. But if you have HP OfficeJet Pro 9015, your printing processes will become a lot easier. Likewise, OfficeJet 9015 organizes documents 50% faster than any ordinary printer. Henceforth, no need for repetitive tasks will arise as this printer does all the work in a click. 


By syncing with Smart Tasks, Google Drive, and QuickBooks, HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 organizes and digitizes all documents smoothly. Indeed, all your business tasks can be completed using your phone if OfficeJet Pro is with you.

Security essentials 

If you have any sensitive data stored in your laptop and computer, HP 9015 will make sure to protect all that information. Moreover, it offers saving data through password protection and basic encryption. 


  • Increases productivity of users
  • Meets essential needs of scanning and printing
  • Eliminates the need for repetitive tasks
  • Protects sensitive data of computers 
  • Gives facilities of password protection 


  • Not good for high-quality prints

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e Color Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e...
  • 6 MONTHS FREE INK when you activate HP+ –...
  • KEY FEATURES – Fast color print, copy, scan and...
  • FAST PRINT SPEEDS – Print up to 20 pages per...

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e Color Printer will be a reliable choice if you want increased productivity in your prints. Also, HP 8025e includes custom mobile shortcuts and fast prints. For instance, OfficeJet Pro 8025e comes with an HP+ Smart Printing System. Therefore, this printer will always remain secure and up to date. Again, office workers and home users can print virtually from anywhere with HP Pro 8025e. Alongside, consumers will not have to pay for any additional cost. Nevertheless, this OfficeJet Pro works efficiently for home offices and small businesses.

Key Features

Professional quality 

Brochures, reports, forms in an amazing way because of professional quality, HP 8025e prints presentations. 

Prime features

Since HP Color Printer owns an automatic document feeder, it leaves no stone unturned in digitizing files easily and quickly. Plus, it offers a 2 sided printing facility and faxing, scanning, copying, and printing. Additionally, this product works like a commendable color printer throughout. 

Printing system

Yet, HP Pro 8025e owns an HP+ Smart Printing System, which enables it to make documents and prints safer than before. Similarly, this printer ensures more productivity among consumers. Contrastingly, you will have to open an HP account by having an internet connection, of course. Likewise, consumers need to maintain the life of the OfficeJet Color Printer with the help of Original HP Ink.


Well, HP’s printer comes with some security essentials that are important to keep our data secured. Such as WiFi security, password protection, document protection, and basic encryption. 


  • Conveys custom mobile shortcuts and fast prints
  • Best for small office workers and home users
  • Requires no additional cost
  • Ensures productivity among workers


  • Takes time to connect sometimes 
  • Setting up is difficult

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e All-in-One Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e...
  • UPGRADED FEATURES – Fastest color printing, up...
  • FAST PRINT SPEEDS – Print up to 24 pages per...

For those looking for all essential features in a printer, HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e All-in-One Printer is for them. For instance, you will get many mobile faxing facilities, easy printing, scanning, and copying here. However, HP 9025e comes with a smart printing system and free instant ink for up to 6 months. Similarly, 9025e All-in-One Printer gives every customer 2 years of extended warranty.

Key Features

Basic printing 

Printing basic documents is an easy task for the OfficeJet Pro 9025e Printer. Nevertheless, users can use basic colors and print documents. Thus, printing travel documents, forms, recipes, etc., will look authentic. 

HP+ Smart Printing System

With the help of the HP+ Smart Printing System, HP Pro 9025 makes sure that none of your information gets leaked so easily. Anyways, OfficeJet 9025 increases the productivity of users with its superior features. On the flipping side, remember to open an HP account use an original HP ink and internet connection to use this printer.

Print speed

No doubt, HP OfficeJet 9025 prints more quickly than any normal printer. It can print 24 black pages in a minute which is great for any professional work. Similarly, 9025 also prints 20 color papers within only one minute.


If you see, OfficeJet Pro 9025 maintains its quality with some security essentials. Such as it protects sensitive data and information with the help of basic encryption. Again, document protection and WiFi security are like this printer’s essence. In addition, you will get enhanced features that are cloud-based.


  • Can work on numerous pages in one minute
  • Gives no issues regarding connection 
  • Maintains security of data strictly 
  • 2 times faster than ordinary printers 
  • Provides enhanced cloud-based features


  • Setting up is not so easy

HP DeskJet 4155e Color Printer

HP DeskJet 4155e Wireless...
15,684 Reviews
HP DeskJet 4155e Wireless...
  • 6 MONTHS FREE INK when you activate HP+ –...
  • BEST FOR BASIC PRINTING – Print basic color...
  • KEY FEATURES – Print, copy and scan in color,...
  • EASY SETUP – Get started fast on any device with...

Like any extraordinary printer, HP DeskJet 4155e Color Printer serves amazingly. DeskJet 4155e does mobile faxing, copying, scanning, printing, etc. Well, HP Color Printer acquires an HP+ Smart Printing System. As a result, this printer enables us to secure information safely and increases productivity overall. 

Before using HP DeskJet 4155e, remember to open an HP account and have an internet connection. However, an Original HP Ink can make our prints look more real if used with this printer.

Key Features

Easy set-up 

Particularly, the HP Smart App guarantees an easy setup with its step-by-step guide. Furthermore, this app allows easy copying, scanning, and printing through smartphones.


Nonetheless, HP DeskJet 4155 delivers free instant ink for 6 months. At the same time, 1 year of HP warranty is also inevitable from DeskJet 4155e.


From now on, you will not have to worry about connection since DeskJet 4155e offers wireless facilities overall. However, this product uses dual-band WiFi with a self-reset. Henceforth, a better range of connections is sure to get from HP 4155e.

Basic printing

Nothing can be better than the HP DeskJet 4155e printer as an alternative for basic printing. Yet, users can work on different color documents, such as travel documents, forms, recipes, and many more.

Advance features

Accumulating some advanced features, HP+ plays a great role in conveying exceptional prints without any effort. Furthermore, you will get 24 months of standard service from HP 4155e.


  • Gives free instant ink for 6 months
  • Keeps information safe and secured
  • Works amazing for basic printing 
  • Increases productivity of users
  • Offers a better range of connection 


  • Enough complicated to set up

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e All-in-One Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e...
6,069 Reviews
HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e...
  • 6 MONTHS FREE INK when you activate HP+ –...
  • UPGRADED FEATURES – Fast color print, copy, fax,...
  • FAST PRINT SPEEDS – Print up to 22 pages per...

If you see, HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e All-in-One Printer beats all random printers by gaining some top-class features. For now, it offers 2 sided automatic scanning, faster color printing, security features, and many more. Simultaneously, OfficeJet Pro 9015 contains an HP+ Smart Printing System. For this reason, HP Pro 9015e always remains up to date, being secured and safe every time. By and large, HP 9015 facilitates virtual printing from anywhere at any time. Once and for all, you will not require any extra cost to maintain its quality.

Key Features

Home and office use

Because of having all qualities of a basic printer, OfficeJet Pro All-in-One Printer offers commendable features. Such as printing color documents working on various presentations, flyers, and documents. 


Other than basic features, HP 9015e amalgamates some upgraded features too. As mentioned before, 9015 delivers faster color prints. Alongside, you will get a facility of printing from USB as well. And with the automatic document feeder, consumers can confirm all types of compliances. Thus, OfficeJet 9015 tends to be an upgraded printer all the way around. 

Print speed

For one thing, OfficeJet Pro 9015 is a famous product, i.e., its print speed. If you see, 9015 takes only one minute to print 22 pages. However, these 22 pages are black. On the other hand, 9015 takes one minute to print 18 color pages.


Unless a printer’s security essentials are not rigid, consumers face many difficulties maintaining their document’s privacy. For this reason, OfficeJet Pro 9015 comes with numerous security essentials. They are- WiFi security, password protection, basic encryption, etc. Moreover, an enhanced cloud-based feature safely makes all scannings.


  • Makes sure of maintaining a professional quality 
  • Always remains secured and up to date
  • Works faster than other printers
  • Detects connection issues quickly
  • Secures data with a basic encryption 


  • The LCD screen is not of a better quality 

HP ENVY 6055e Wireless Printer

HP ENVY 6055e All-in-One...
  • 6 MONTHS FREE INK when you activate HP+ –...
  • BEST FOR BUSY FAMILIES – Print documents,...
  • KEY FEATURES – Print, copy and scan in color,...
  • EASY SETUP – Get started fast on any device with...

HP ENVY 6055e has become a special substitute for busy families due to having smart features. In particular, it does many things like- 2 sided printing, specific homework, creating borderless photos, making creative projects, etc. Contrastingly, ENVY 6055e does numerous scanning, copying, and printing along with color in them. And those who want some sort of advanced printing can rely on the HP 6055e Printer. The reason is, Envy 6055e Printer effectively offers wireless and mobile printing. 

HP Envy 6055e includes an HP+ Smart Printing System like a professional printer. Although this system is optional, it makes sure that your data is always safe. All being well, 6055e makes users more productive by delivering authentic prints.

Key Features


Envy 6055e delivers advanced features that will remain consistent for 24 months by having an HP Smart App. In the same way, Envy’s HP+ allows multiple traits like- copying, scanning, and printing.

Easy set-up 

From now, anyone can start their printing process without taking any time if they have HP Envy 6055e. Additionally, the HP Smart app eases the setting of 6055e with a step-by-step guide.


Those who have cloud accounts will get enough compatibility with Envy 6055. For instance, anyone can use Google Drive, and Dropbox accounts to do different prints. 

Virtual printing 

Just connect your device with HP Envy 6055e and see what magic it does with its virtual printing skill. Other than that, customers will not face any interruptions while connecting. Specifically, its self-healing WiFiTM eases the connectivity and delivers no scanning and copying problems.


  • Prints virtually from any place
  • Gets well with any device 
  • Gives extended warranty and free instant ink
  • Compatible with all cloud accounts 
  • Helps with a setup guide


  • Often troubles with a reloading option

Best HP All in One Printer Buying Guide

Whenever we buy the best hp all in one printer, we need to make sure that we are not missing any traits. Besides, many newbies cannot figure out which hp printer will suit their preferences. Again, some features matter the most in printers far away from us. For this reason, we have enlisted some important features to grab the right printer for you. 

Best HP All in One Printer

Print speed is a major thing to consider while buying an HP printer. Typically, the print speed of a printer is measured in pages per minute (ppm). If you see, smaller devices print at 5 ppm. At the same time, enterprise printers can produce prints at a speed of 70 ppm. However, slower print speed is enough to have for printing single-page documents. On the other hand, you should always go for HP printers with high print speed for printing professional documents. 

Paper Handling 

Before buying a printer, you must know how much paper it can store and how many output trays it can handle. Well, for large print projects, nothing can be better than a robust printer where additional rooms are available. 

Energy Efficiency 

Nonetheless, many HP printers consume efficiency stats. Hence, anyone can check their printers’ “energy efficiency” located at the product specs. Also, you can accumulate all associated things by going through the “energy efficiency” of your printer.

Duty Cycle

With the help of the duty cycle, we can know how many pages a printer can handle as page volume. In particular, the duty cycle means a stress-tested output level and a volume of our monthly prints. Yet, the duty cycles of different printers are not the same. If you see, HP office printers can take 1000 pages per month. It will look like a huge bulk of your prints can be done in very little time. 

How to Install HP Printer

Best HP All in One Printer

Let us have a look at how we can install an HP Printer.

  • For installing an HP Printer, you will need Windows using HP Easy Start. Well, it is an automated download and installation application for HP printers.
  • Before installing your printer, make sure it is set up and powered on. If you connected a USB cable from your printer to your computer, disconnect it until prompted in the installation.
  • On your computer, open a web browser and go to 123. h p.c o m/setup.
  • Select Download to save HP Easy Start on your computer.
  • Open the saved file to extract HP Easy Start.
  • If a Windows prompt displays, select Continue, Run, or Yes to allow the software to make changes in your computer.
  • Connect the flat end of a USB cable into your computer and the square end into the printer.
  • Review the license agreements and statements on the agreement screen, and then select the check box to agree to the terms. Afterward, Select Continue.
  • The application detects printers connected to the network or computer and then displays your printer. If the displayed printer is not the one you want to install, select My Printer is Not Shown to identify your printer.
  • Some printer models are not supported by HP Easy Start. Suppose your printer is not detected or cannot be identified. For this reason, go to to download the software and drivers for your printer.
  • The installer establishes a connection between the computer and the printer. For now, Select Continue.
  • HP Easy Start searches for the latest drivers and software for your printer. Also, go for all available software and drivers for your printer display, including which software HP recommends.
  • Select the software and driver that best fits your needs, and then select Continue to download the software; when the Download is complete, the printer software extracts and opens automatically. 
  • You can customize your software installation on the Software Selections screen by selecting Customize Software Selections.
  • Select Next.
  • Read and respond to the remaining screens to set personal preferences and information. After the setup is complete, select Finish.
  • After that, the HP Printer Assistant launches automatically. This application installs with your printer and allows you to scan documents and photos, order supplies, check ink levels, and more.
  • Your printer is now ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best HP All in One Printer

What Type of Home Printer Should I Buy?

What type of home printer you should buy depends on how you use it. For instance, a laser printer can be a superb choice to use from home. As you will be working from home, your work will not require high resolution that much. And for different printing purposes, laser printers can be a great alternative. Or, if you want to add colors to your printer, a color printer can also be a perfect object to have. 

Which Printer is Best HP or Canon?

Well, many graphic designers prefer HP printers more than Canon printers. Indeed, both HP and Canon printers ensure to give glossy pictures. But if you see, Canon printers take photos more naturally. At the same time, HP printers produce warmer prints. To sum up, we can say Canon printers are preferable to HP printers. The reason is HP printers convey exceptional prints and maintain a natural glossiness every time.

Which Brand of Printer has the Cheapest Ink?

Here are some printers that come with the cheapest ink.

  • Canon Office and Business MX922
  • Epson Expression Home XP-340 Wireless Color Printer
  • Canon Pixma Printer
  • Epson Ecotank Printer
  • HP Envy 7155 Printer
  • Brother J460DW Inkjet Printer
  • Brother L2300D Printer

How Often Should you Replace Printer?

The average lifespan randomly lasts for about 3 to 5 years if we calculate the average lifespan. Although printers have a specific time for lasting, we need to keep maintaining our printers precisely. As a result, our printers can last longer than they were about to. Again, every HP printer requires some sort of upgrade after being used for a long time.

Are Cheap Printers Worth it?

Buying a cheap printer or expensive printer does not matter that much. Particularly, expensive printers have a cost per page which is cheaper than the cost per page of less expensive printers. However, cheap printers are not worth it if you want to print many documents simultaneously. But if printing is your rare task, then cheap printers are fine to have.


Summing up, every product above gives no complaints regarding their features. Conversely, the best hp all in one printer is included among the given printers. Again, you must be thinking if there is any specific product to meet your criteria. To make it easier for you, I recommend going for HP ENVY 7855 Photo Printer or HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e Color Printer. The reason is these two printers are always flawless whenever they work. 

In conclusion, I would choose your hp printer wisely by considering all its features, pros, and cons. As a result, getting your preferable printer will not be a hallucination anymore.

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