How to Use The Landline Phone 2022: Step by Step Guide

Most people today are familiar with using a cellphone, but landlines are still used in many homes and businesses. If you’ve never used a landline phone, or if you need a refresher on how to use one, this article will give you a quick introduction.

How to Use The Landline PhoneHow to Use The Phone

  1. Call the number that you want to dial
  2. Use the Mute button
  3. To talk, press the mute button with your finger. But keep your finger positioned over the button.
  4. Speak
  5. After you are done speaking, press the Mute button and then return your finger to the keyboard.
  6. If the call is continuing, go to step 3
  7. When the call is over, hang up.

Additional Tips

Additional Tips when use Landline phone

  1. Avoid softphones. They are terrible and can cause echo//or noise to everyone on the call.
  2. Avoid using your cell phone. They are terrible and can cause echo//or noise to everyone on the call.
  3. Use a headset. You might not be as impressed with speakerphones as you think. You should be extra careful about the mute button if you must use a speakerphone.
  4. When possible, stick to the landline and proper VoIP phones. When you aren’t speaking, always use the mute button.
  5. You can use the *6 mutes feature to mute all audio from your phone, even if it is not a good imitation.
  6. Keep track of your muted status. It’s not difficult. It can be either on or off. Do not tell anyone that you forgot whether or not you were muted. The following steps will help you determine if you are muted or not.
  7. The hold is not muted. When you are connected to a conference, don’t use the hold function on your phone. Your phone’s music and beeps may occasionally play during the conference, making it inaccessible until you return.

Steps to Determine If You’re Muted

  1. If you are not speaking right now, it is because you are muted. (See step 3 in the How do you use phone instructions).
  2. There is no second step. You don’t need to repeat step one if you have made a mistake.

You Can Make A Long-Distance Or International Call Right From Campus

Long-distance Calls From Campus To Campus

For faculty and staff of IU, long-distance calls domestically for university business are included in the basic bundle of UITS services. Call 812-855-2111 for current rates on international business calls or 317-274-3004 to obtain an Authorization Code.

You can make an international or long-distance call using a landline office phone.

  • Dial 9 for an outside line
  • For domestic calls dial 1 or 011 to make international calls.
  • For domestic calls dial the area code or the country code (and, if necessary, the city code) to make an international call.
  • Call the number.
  • International calls will sound slurred if you hear two short tones followed immediately by a long tone. This is your Authorization Code.

To call a toll-free number from campus, dial nine, then 1, then the number.

Long-distance Calls From Campus To Campus

Calls between Indiana University Bloomington (IUPUI) can be made directly using the last five digits only of the number (e.g., 5-1234).

Dial the same long-distance number as for any other campus-to-campus business calls (see above)

Long-distance Calls Can Be Made From Anywhere On Campus

You can make a long-distance call from another campus if you are a staff member or faculty member. Follow the instructions on your IU calling cards. Contact your telecommunications coordinator to obtain an IU calling card.

If you don’t know the name of your IU Bloomington telecommunications coordinator, please call 812-856-2287 or IUPUI at 317-274-3004.

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FAQs about how to use a landline phone

1. Can an old dial phone still function?

Many cable-modem and fiber-optic networks place the equivalent of a switch at the customer’s house, translating the signal to the copper wires. Old phones will still work as long as they support rotary dialing. Most switches do.

2. How can I make my landline phone mobile?

Connect a corded telephone to a wireless transmitter kit to convert it into a cordless phone. These kits can be purchased at hobby shops or electronic stores. A wireless receiver and transmitter eliminate the need to modify the telephone line or corded phone.

3. Can landlines make calls to cell phones?

You can send calls from a landline phone to a mobile phone by using a star code. A code (usually *72) activates call forwarding. This allows you to send the caller directly at the number you provided.

4. What does 44 on a phone number mean?

+44 is the international dialing code of the United Kingdom. You can call this number from abroad by using +44 as the first character of a British number.

5. What does “plus” mean before a number?

Answer: A: + is a universal code. It means that the following digits or digits are either a Country Code or, more accurately, a World Zone number followed optionally by a country code. It is not necessary to know the exact sequence of numbers to dial outside the country you are in.


In short, To use a landline phone, first pick up the receiver and wait for a dial tone. Then, enter the number you wish to call by pressing the corresponding buttons on the keypad. Finally, press the “call.”

Manymoon hopes that you found these tips useful! If so, please share this tutorial with your friends and colleagues. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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