How To Clean Scanner Glass? Top Basic Guide 2022

If your scanner glass is dirty, it can affect the quality of your scanned images. Here are some tips on how to clean scanner glass and keep it looking its best.


Before you follow any instructions in this document, please read carefully the following:

  • Contact HP if your HP All-in-One is still under warranty.
  • The warranty will be voided if you remove the scanner glass from an HP All-in-One device that is still under contract.
  • It is essential that you clean in a controlled environment and away from dust sources.

These instructions are not intended to be used for glass cleaning. Unpredictable results may result from further manipulation of the scanner.


  • T-10 Torx Bit <— If you are buying a Torx kit, I suggest that you purchase a tamper-evident package if you ever need it.
  • You can use an awl or something that has a sharp edge.
  • Glass cleaner and chamois
  • Alcohol rub

Steps on How To Clean Scanner Glass

Step 1: Remove Keypad Cover and Screws

Remove Keypad Cover and Screws

Unplug and turn off your machine.

Five T-10 Torx screws need to be taken. Take them out and put them in a safe place.

The cover of the keypad is held in place by friction and several tabs at the top. Lift the cover straight up by prying off the bottom. Pull the cover up towards your body and release the pad.

My machine is still running at the moment, as you’ll see. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to remove any wire harnesses and that the device would continue to run while I fixed it. My parent’s business requires this machine to receive faxes.

Step 2: Disconnecting the Keypad and Keypad Harness

Disconnecting the Keypad and Keypad harness

We are sorry for the blurry image. Locate the tabs at the ends of your keypad. This is where the scanner bed locks in. You may hear a click when you press the tab at the bottom.

The “hook-like” tab and the plastic nub (that locks into the tab) are located below the LCD panels and to my left. (Sorry, I’m a scanner repairman and have just changed the oil). Slide the keypad to your left by pushing the tab up.

Gently pull up straight and locate the ribbon harness. Pull the ribbon harness from the keypad gently. The plastic holder will remain in place. Only the ribbon can be taken off. The keypad should be left behind.

Check out our pót to get more information about the scanner: What is a Scanner? Is a scanner input or output?

Step 3: Take Out The Scanner Bed

Take out the scanner bed

The document feed scanning area is located on the left side of the scanner bed. A small piece of glass measuring about 1 inch in width is covered by a plastic plate attached to one of the removed Torx screws.

The plastic piece should be removed, and the glass must then be gently taken off. The glass should be placed against the black plastic holder before gently pressing into the gray cross beam.

Use your awl to press the locking tab in front of the scanner bed. The upper bed can then be removed once this has been released. Now close the scanner top. Now pull up gently. It is not possible to remove the document feed harness (quickly) at this moment. Please be aware.

The back left corner may be a problem. The document feed harness can get stuck, I believe. It should be easy to release if you push it through the slot. This component is not to be forced out. It came out very quickly after fiddling with it.

After the scanner bed has been removed, remove the feed harness. The feed harness is placed in the back of the lower scanner bed. It can be pulled out easily. It will only take a few inches.

Place the upper assembly on the scanner bed. Pay attention to the scanning element et. al.

The glass will be removed for cleaning.

Step 4: Removing and Cleaning the Glass

Removing and Cleaning the Glass

The glass must be pressed into the holder. There are two locking tabs as well as two holding tabs.

Use your awl to press down on the locking tabs and gently push the glass upwards. The glass should only lift a few millimeters. Next, repeat the process on the opposite side. Continue going back and forth until you release the glass. The glass can be removed by pulling out the tabs that hold it.

Use your favorite glass cleaner, a chamois, or another non-dusting cloth to clean the area. After you’re done cleaning, only touch the glass edges.

To remove dust, rinse the glass with warm water. The water will remove any dust, while the rubbing alcohol will displace the water and evaporate quickly.

Slide the glass into the holding tabs, then snap it into the locking tabs with gentle and even pressure. Reassemble the assembly in reverse.

You should have scanned your images again if you were careful about your actions. You may have left dust or used inferior cleaning products (e.g., a paper napkin). Your scanned images may still contain contaminants.

Watch this video to easily take apart your device and correctly clean the glass:


Do Scanners Need To Be Cleaned?

Yes, scanners need to be cleaned regularly. The scanner’s lens can become clogged with dust and other debris, which can affect image quality. You can improve image quality by cleaning the lens of your scanner regularly.

What Can I Use To Clean My Scanner Glass?

You have a few options to clean your scanner glass. You can use glass cleaner, vinegar, or water to clean your scanner glass. To clean glass, you can also use a microfiber towel.

Can You Use Windex To Clean Scanner Glass?

Windex can be used to clean scanner glasses. Windex is an excellent cleaner that can remove dirt, dust, and any other debris from the surface. To avoid scratching the glass, make sure you wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

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