How To Check Landline Voicemail From Another Phone 2022: Top Full Guide

To check your landline voicemail from another phone, you will need to dial your own phone number. Once you have done so, you will hear a recorded message that will prompt you to enter your voicemail password. After you have entered your password, you will be able to listen to any new voicemails that have been left for you. Let’s explore with Manymoon to make clear that

How To Check Landline Voicemail From Another Phone

From Landline Phone

How To Check Landline Voicemail From Landline Phone

On the landline phone where you want to check your voice mail messages, dial the three-key code. If the code you need to call on your landline phone isn’t shown below, check with your service provider. Regional Bell operating companies–“_98” Time Warner Cable–“_98” Comcast–“_99” Vonage–“_123”  Cox Communications and Charter Communications need you to call your own phone number from your landline.

Enter your PIN

If your phone has this capability, enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number). When checking voice mail from a landline, you won’t have to enter a PIN for some voice mail services.

If you want to listen to new voice mail, press “1” when requested. From there, you can store, delete, or forward the messages to another inbox.

Press 1, when prompted, if you would like to listen to new voice mail.

From another phone

How to Check My Landline Voice Mail frome other phone

Part 1: Accessing your Voicemail

1. Your number is available. It’s as easy as that. You can dial your mobile number from any cell phone or landline.

  • Call the complete number. You should ensure that the person you call doesn’t answer the phone.
  • You must dial the area code along with the number.

2. The Star or Pound keys are the next to press. You will push the Star or Pound Key next, depending on which carrier you have. The star key is more commonly pushed.

  • You should press the star (*) or the pound(#) keys when your voicemail starts.
  • Press the * key to access AT&T, Sprint and U.S Cellular.
  • Users of Virgin Mobile, Bell Mobility, and Verizon should press #.
  • You can verify your carrier’s website or contact customer service to confirm.

3. Enter your pin number. To check your voicemail, you will need your pin number or passcode. This code is only available to you if you do not have it.

  • Instructions will be given to you for entering your pin.
  • After entering your pin, hit the pound key.
  • Follow these instructions to listen to your voicemail. It is usually to push a number (like 1). This is all there is. Now you should be able to hear your voicemail messages.

Part 2. Resetting your pin or passcode

1. Reset your pin. You might have lost your pin or passcode or forgotten to set it up. This is a common problem.

  • Many carriers provide detailed instructions on how to change passcodes. To change your T-Mobile passcode, press the “1” key and press the star key. Then press number 5 to enter passcode security. You can then change your passcode by pressing 1,
  • Online, you can change your Sprint passcode by selecting my preferences tab and then the “things that I can manage online” section.
  • If you forget your pin or have never set it up, you can call the carrier to reset it. You can do this online on some sites.

2. Find the default pin. It’s possible to determine the default pin with some carriers. Sometimes it might be zeroed.

  • AT& T phones have a default passcode that is your phone number, without an area code.
  • Pins are usually four digits.

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FAQs about how to check landline voicemail from another phone

1. How can I check my desk phone voicemail from a remote line?

  • Dial the direct number from your desk phone.
  • Wait for the call to be made to your voicemail.
  • Enter your Voicemail PIN while your custom voicemail greeting is being played. …
  • Your voicemail will start playing instantly

2. Which number should you dial in order to retrieve your messages?

To check your Android voicemail, you can simply open your phone’s dial pad — where you enter phone numbers — and press the number 1. It should have an icon that looks almost like a tape record below it if you look closely. You will be immediately taken to your voicemail.

3. What is the password for voicemail?

It’s important to know that your voicemail PIN acts as a password. Your voicemail PIN is required to receive emails. Voicemail includes a default PIN which is the last six digits of your account number.


Here is the guide we mentioned earlier. It comes in handy in various situations. Once you’ve grasped the concept, We hope you’ll find it easier to check your landline voicemail from another phone. If you have any further questions, you may contact me directly. Share this article with your friends if you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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